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art & eden: Caring about the World and Making a Difference

The world is changing every day. The last couple of years have shown a great shift in environmental and ethical practices. As Bob Dylan said, “The Times they are a changin!”

What do parents and kids want for this world? They want a safer world, a healthier world, and a better world. How can we all help to do that? Support organizations and companies that use more environmentally safer products and care about their employees.

The Boy’s Store is trying to make a difference by offering more organic and US made brands. One of our favorite environmentally aware and ethical companies is Art & Eden. If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen some of our new items from Art & Eden. We are very excited to bring you more items soon. We love their use of certified organic cotton, fair wages to employees, environmentally friendly packaging, practices, and dyes. They also support artists with their chosen designs and images.

You can check out some of the incredible items available from Art & Eden now.

Boys’ David T-Shirt by art & eden: This fun blue and white design is reminiscent of a wave crashing over and over. The waves, just like our boys, go on and on and on!

Boys’ Logan Shirt by art & eden: Does your little man growl like a tiger? This multi-colored Tiger print is truly the king of the jungle, and now your little man can be too!

art & eden graphic tee


10 years of style: The Boy’s Store

We have been bringing you fabulous style ideas for ten years now. Our store opened in 2006 and when we decided it was time for boys to have their own amazing fashion options. Who says girls should have all the fun!? For ten years we have brought you incredible brands, styles, and collections to improve your little mans wardrobes. This year we are celebrating 10 years of style!

Head over now to save $10 on all of your favorite items. When you purchase $50 or more simply add the promo code BDAY10 to get $10 off your order.

We will be bringing you fabulous savings, promos, deals, and more all year long to celebrate our incredible anniversary. We want to share all our favorite brands and items with you our favorite customers all year long, so don’t miss out on the fun. Join our mailing list for more info and learn about all the excitement before it happens!

Happy Birthday from The Boy’s Store!

Meet Havengirl’s New Boy’s Line Wyldson!

New Boy's Line Wyldson

This month we want to highlight a great brand that we are going to begin carrying this spring. Havengirl is an incredible brand that will debut its new boys division, Wyldson this season, and we are very excited about it. We spoke with Ann-Marie Knox of Havengirl and got the inside scoop on all the great things to come.

Havengirl was created by Briana Hetzel, who already had a history of working in women’s fashion with her family. As a young mom she branched out into children’s clothes naming the company after her young daughter Haven. Recently the company created a new division that offers boys clothing and the line is named Wyldson as a nod to Hetzel’s son.

Like Havengirl, Wyldson will offer soft, comfortable, fashion-forward items. Havengirl prides itself on creating fashion-forward clothes that are stylish and hip yet still age appropriate for children.

Havengirl is manufactured in Bali, but is based out of good ole California. Havengirl does feature a website that is meant to highlight their collections for merchants interested in selling their line at havengirl.com, but it is only open to retailers so you may just have to wait until The Boy’s Store can get some great items in for a sneak peek.

This spring The Boy’s Store will begin to feature the new Wyldson line. You will be able to check out the great new styles in just a few weeks. But in the meantime you can check out Havengirlca on Facebook and Instagram. You might just see some great pieces featured that you want to check out in the coming weeks at The Boy’s Store. Check back soon for a great new Collection! Don’t forget to follow Havengirlca on Facebook and Instagram for some great news, and great giveaways!