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Holiday Style: Dress Shirts

The Holiday’s are already taking over most of our daily thoughts, at least it cannot only be me. I have been thinking about family photos, ideas for presents, what the kids need, versus what they want. I feel as if it has already taken over my mind. I know that we want to do family photos. So I have already been looking for items that will look good in photos. Thankfully, The Boy’s Store always has some excellent items available, and many at a very reasonable price!

Boys’ Plaid Dress Shirt by Hartstrings: This blue plaid shirt is perfect for family photos. It looks great with the colors blue, black, white, blue jeans, or khaki. So you can dress up your family photos or dress them down with jeans and coordinating colors!

Boys’ Plaid Button Up Shirt by Sovereign Code: This red, black and grey shirt features elbow patches in plaid. It has a warm and cozy style to it with just a dash of modern sophistication with the grey sleeves and plaid elbow patches. It would make an excellent choice for a cozy or sophisticated themed family photo.

Boys Plaid Shirt with Tie by Noruk: this adorable shirt comes with the black tie and just screams Christmas. The red, black, and white plaid are reminiscent of  classic Christmas style. It will look great in a staged family Christmas pose of the whole family.

October Style: Plaids!

Colder weather is here! October is here! So break out the plaids!

I must admit that I love a little boy in plaid. My son owns far too many, simply because mommy loves how he looks. Plaid shirts are so versatile. Are they dressy? Are they casual? they are trendy, they are comfy, they are life. Plaids are just the perfect fall and winter style. They can be dressed up by pairing them with slacks, nicer jeans, or corduroys and button the shirt all the way up. They can be more casual by pairing them with rugged cargo pants, worn jeans, and leaving the buttons undone with a shirt on underneath. They can also be trendy with skinny jeans and buttoning the shirt half up and rolling the sleeves. The possibilities are endless.

No matter how you wear them, we have got them. Appaman has some incredibly cool and stylish plaid looks this fall. Check them out now at The Boy’s Store.

Boys’ Plaid Flannel Shirt by Appaman: this stylish plaid is available in grey, blue, and orange. Each colors plays well with some jeans and can be tailored to any look you want.

Pick on up in every color to have your boy set for the season!

Ben Sherman: Button Down Looks

Spring and summer is a time of simplicity, slowing down, and staying cool. A lot of events still happen during the warmer months. A more casual feel allows our style to be a little more casual and laid-back as well. Ben Sherman has some incredibly stylish, comfortable, and cool button-down style shirts for all of those more laid-back events.

Now your boys can look handsome without compromising their comfort level during those hot months. If you are looking for a more casual look for a summer event, a graduation, a brunch, or an outdoor wedding these looks are easy to pair with casual and dress-casual attire.

Plaid Button Down Shirt by Ben Sherman: This blue plaid shirt features cuffed rolled sleeve for an added element of style. This plaid shirt is not only comfortably cool, it is stylishly cool as well.


Poster Pulp Shirt by Ben Sherman: This green and brown plaid shirt is a great shirt to have on hand for those casual-dressy days for boys that just don’t enjoy dressing up. It sneaks into their wardrobe and they don’t even realize it is dressy.


Batiste Shirt by Ben Sherman: This fun denim colored button down can be paired with slacks, jeans, or shorts. It is an excellent choice for a beach wedding or party.