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Egg Hunt Level: Expert

Are you looking to make the Easter Egg hunt a little more difficult this year? Those brightly colored eggs make the egg hunt way too easy. Why not make it a little bit harder for those eggs to be found?

If you have older kids, or even younger kids good with a challenge, you may want to try this. Camouflage eggs. You can create your own by dyeing hard-boiled eggs, or you could purchase plastic eggs that are already decorated. No matter which option you choose be ready for a VERY LONG egg hunt.

Egg hunt cartoon

Strategically place those eggs in places where they will blend decently. If you choose the hard-boiled option make sure you write down where they are all hidden and how many you hid. Because if they are not all found you WILL regret it. Camo egg hunt

Now sit back and watch as your kids all run frantically trying to comb through the yard to find the camo eggs. You could even make it a game and supply a prize to whomever collects the most. Parents could get in on the fun as well. Egg hunts will never be the same again!

Camouflage egg hunt