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Butterfly Art Project

Here on the west coast we have had an influx of butterflies. Gorgeous Monarch Butterflies have been migrated through our area all month long. Butterflies, much like birds, take the same route every year in their migration. However, with the incredible rains this year there has been a much larger population than in the past 15 years. Southern Californians have reported seeing tens of thousands more butterflies than in recent years.

The butterflies have made spring feel as if it is truly here to stay in Southern California. Their vibrant colors are brightening our dreary skies and giving us hope for a long and prosperous spring. The superbloom happening all over socal is also helping the butterflies stay beautiful and well fed. The California Poppy has given the monarchs the boldest orange wings. It has been a truly spectacular sight, and has motivated my kids to create equally as beautiful butterflies.

I found this simple butterfly project at Preschool Mom. This simple yet colorful project is the perfect project to brighten up our bland art corner this month. Thank you to the Preschool Mom for such a fabulous idea! The project calls for pastel chalks but would work just as well with regular chalk or even sidewalk chalk. As with most projects we suggest parental supervision and probably an art smock as chalk tends to be messy. You and your little ones will just adore the simplicity and bold colors of this diy butterfly. It will be a great addition to any art wall!

Head on over to the Preschool Mom for the full tutorial!

Chalk Art for the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to get some one-on-one craft time with your kids. Crafts can get monotonous over the years. Everyone has the same santa hands, baggie wreaths, and reindeer feet crafts decorating their halls. This year why not try something new and fun. Christmas Light Chalk Stencils. Buggy and Buddy is a fun website created by former elementary teacher and mom of two Chelsey. Chelsey creates fun crafts, learning activities, and more and shares them with her followers. We fell in love with her fun Christmas Light Chalk Stencil craft. It is new and out of the box; holiday crafting made new again. Now your holiday crafts will shine like new and be full of color this season. Chalk art This craft can be created very easily, and will be so much fun to craft. Chalk is hot this year. So why not use it to bring you and your family some holiday cheer. Do you have a chalkboard in your house that you use as a decoration all year long? This is the perfect drawing to create for the holiday season. Just follow the directions on your chalkboard instead of on paper. Head on over to Buggy and Buddy now to get the full tutorial.

What you Will Need:

  • chalk
  • black paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • silver marker