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DIY Chore Chart

DIY Chore Chart

Do your kids have chores to complete at home each day? Do they each have their own routine of goals to accomplish like making their bed, cleaning their room, taking out the trash, setting the table, or feeding the dog or cat? Do you ever find that some of these chores are being forgotten because your kids cannot remember all of their daily chores? Well we have a great idea for a chore chart that will look nice in your house and help keep your kids organized and ready for their daily routine.

One of the goals in my house this year has been to try and stay organized. That can be a difficult task when parents work and children are at school, sometimes important jobs fall by the wayside and we all get a little behind. Well one way to help keep that from happening is to organize a list of things that need to be done before we get whined or forget them. Chore charts or lists are helpful to everyone not just our children, though let’s face it they sometimes need to be reminded more than we do. So why not take a little time one Saturday and get a chart made up for your household. You will be very glad you did when you spot your kids with all of their jobs done and your house clean and organized.

A Lemon Squeezy Home, a blog run by Christie a Mom of three busy kids, has an excellent chore chart that will not only keep your kids organized but also make them excited to use the chore chart and check for chores! With just a little work you can have an attractive chore chart that will look great in your home and keep your home organized and running smoothly. Don’t forget to check out A Lemon Squeezy Home for detailed directions and some incredible photos of the chore chart.

What You Will Need:

Magnetic sheet (there are 8×12 sheets available at Home Depot and other hardware stores)
Mod Podge and brush
Wooden circles (available at Michaels, Joann’s, and Hobby Lobby)
Spray Paint
Printable labels
Printable Charts

What You Will Do:

1. You can begin by cutting the metal sheets to the size of your frames. Next use the mod podge to adhere the chore chart to the metal sheet. Allow to dry fully.
2. Now place the chore chart in the picture frame (make sure to remove the glass because you will not need it).
3. Now you can mod podge the chore labels (with one chore on each label) onto the wooden circles. Allow to dry fully.
4. Now you can use the mod podge to adhere the magnets to the backs of the wooden circles. You may need to mod podge the other side of the magnet as well so that it does not leave black circles on the chore chart when in use. Allow to dry fully.
5. Now you can hang your chore chart for each child and they can have fun moving their chores from “to do” to “done” as they go about their day.