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Christmas in July: Holiday Pajamas

We are officially half way through the year 2016. That means it is time to start thinking about the holidays. I know, its only July, but haven’t you ever heard of Christmas in July? We love the holidays. The holidays are so much fun, they are beautiful, filled with decorations, joy, compassion, and love. We want the holidays to be a fantastic time for you and your family. It can be fun and memorable to dress all of your little ones for the holiday season. It can become a family tradition that never gets old. But shopping for those adorable outfits so close to the holiday season can get pricey, and difficult, because they are so popular. One of the way to avoid all of that?

Shop out of season, Christmas in July!

Beary Merry Christmas Footie by New Jammies: These adorable footy pajamas are perfect for those sweet and snuggly nights around the fire with family. Your littlest boy will love the soft material and the sweet teddy bears. You will love that they look just a tad bit sweeter this holiday season.

Holiday Pajamas - bears

Boys Snuggly Pajamas by New Jammies: Sweet moose themed holiday pajamas. Feature a long-sleeved top and striped bottoms. They are perfect for the holiday season and beyond!

Holiday pajamas - moose

Boys Hanukkah Pajama Set by Sara’s Prints: Hanukkah has 8 great nights filled with family, love, and tradition. Why not include this adorable blue and white dreidel themed pajama set as a gift? Now your little boy will be ready for the celebrations and for bed!


Boy’s Santa Pajama Set by Sara’s Print: I love Santa. Santa is just one of the men of the hour on Christmas. Who wouldn’t want to show their appreciation for the bearded man? This sweet pajama set is perfect for just that!


Boys Zippered Holiday Striped Footed Pajamas: Another pair of snuggly footed pajamas that will keep your little ones not only warm but looking incredibly sweet and small. Keep them your little baby for one night more with these adorable pajamas!


Christmas Pajamas: The Boys Store

The Holidays are here! That means that parents everywhere are gathering their holiday lists and preparing to make the most of all the time they have. Memories abound during the holidays. Time goes by so quickly with our little ones. It is great to be able to just slow down for a moment and soak it all in. The holidays are the perfect time for that. Everyone gathers together, the magic of the day makes everyone feel like a kid, and we get the opportunity to spend time with our kids on a level ground. Part of the magic of the holidays are the feelings we get; things are more magical, and people are willing to be a little silly and act a little goofy. It makes the day more fun, happy, and freeing. So enjoy the time you have together by making the most of it all, keep traditions alive, read books, wear silly sweaters, and lounge around in pajamas all day long. Here at The Boys Store we are fully embracing tradition with the fun of christmas pajamas. You can hurry in now and get matching pjs for your little men. Check out some of your favorite brands christmas morning looks now.

City Threads Striped Boys Footie Pajamas: These adorable striped pjs come in Elf Green and Midnight Blue. Buy more than one pair and dress your little men in matching pjs for a pulled together matching look christmas morning. CT2015-2__72693.1408058875.1280.1280

Le Top Baby Boys Reindeer Games Footie Striped Coverall: These adorable red and white striped coveralls feature adorable reindeers on the feet and a reindeer embroidery on the chest and backside. Your littlest man will be decked out with holiday cheer all christmas long.


Le Top Baby Boys Santa’s Little Helper:
this adorable coverall is a miniature elf’s suit. Dress your littlest man as none other than Santa’s favorite little helper for some holiday cheer this year. Deck him out in reds and greens and finish it off with the most adorable little elf shoes. Talk about holiday cheer, this will keep you smiling all day long.


Holiday Looks: Christmas Pajamas

Holiday Looks: Christmas Pajamas

It may still be November but Christmas is just around the corner. We love to get special holiday pajamas every year for our kids. Each of them get a special Christmas Eve box that has pajamas, a book, and a Christmas treat to eat while we all snuggle together and read our new books. It’s a family tradition that has been in my family for 4 generations. The kids love it, but so do the adults. Because let’s face it, our kids are only little and interested in us for a very short time, but the holidays seem to turn everyone into a little kid again. So for one night we all gather together, kids at heart, and share some quality family time together.

We love the pajamas at The Boy’s Store. All the boys look sweet, charming, and comfortable as they cuddle up in their new pajamas every year. This year there are some special pajamas and First Christmas bibs available that will help make your family Christmas a very special one.

Baby’s First Christmas Bib by Dressed to Drool: an adorable bib that is the perfect holiday or baby shower gift for a new baby during the holiday season. Everyone loves to commemorate a new baby, and of course all of their firsts. The first Christmas is a big deal to a lot of new parents. Make their season by sending them one of these white Christmas bibs. Made of 20% polyester and 80% cotton. Machine wash cold.


Reindeer First Christmas Bib by Dressed to Drool: another adorable first Christmas bib, this one features a little reindeer on huge front and a red background. Made of 20% polyester and 80% cotton. Machine wash cold.


Striped Footie Pajamas by City Threads: the perfect pajama set for Christmas Eve. Available in elf green or midnight you will cherish the photos and images of your little ones in this adorable pajama set. Our little ones are only little for so long and we have to get those memories in he hole we can. Some of the best memories on Christmas mornings involve Footie pajamas and big smiling faces. So hurry in to see these great pajamas while they last.


Striped Pajama Set by City Threads: just like the Footie pajamas this is available in elf green and midnight. Perfect for e older kids that don’t like to west Footie pajamas you can still get that Christmassy comfort in a two piece set. Get those cameras ready and make sure you remember it all.