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The History of Christmas Trees

History of Christmas Trees

Did you know that the history of Christmas trees dates back even before the first Christmas? Christmas trees date back as far as the Ancient Egyptians. In Ancient Egypt people worshiped and treasured evergreen trees because they symbolized eternal life. Evergreens stay healthy and green all year long. Because the trees do not change color or die the Egyptians would bring in their branches during the winter months to symbolize the triumph of life over death. Each year the world knew that life would triumph and the spring and rebirth would come because of the evergreens triumph over death in the winter.

The Egyptians were not the only culture to recognize the evergreens as eternal life. The Romans also recognized the always green trees and would use them and mistletoe to help them celebrate their winter solstice each year by placing the evergreen branches and mistletoe over their front doors to keep away death and evil spirits.

Many years later in the Middle Ages Germans and Scandinavians began the well known tradition of bringing evergreen trees into the house. Each winter they would choose a beautiful evergreen and place it in their homes or at their doors as a reminder that spring was coming and it would be bountiful.

Christmas trees came to America when in 1851 Mark Carr a farmer in New York hauled two of sleds containing evergreens into New York City and sold them. By the year 1900 one in every five Americans were celebrating the tradition by purchasing a tree and decorating it and displaying it in their house. During the Great Depression the tradition became much more common since nurserymen could not sell their trees for landscaping they began planting Christmas tree farms and selling trees just before Christmas. These trees that were grown specifically for use as Christmas trees became the most popular form of Christmas trees sold because they maintained their perfect shape and looked beautiful on display. Today almost everyone has had or knows someone who has a Christmas tree during the holidays. Today there are over 6 species of trees used as Christmas trees including Scotch Pine, Douglas Fir, Noble Fir, Balsam Fir, White Pine, and White Spruce. Which is your favorite tree? When does your family traditionally buy their tree? In recent years families have begun to display and decorate their trees as early as Thanksgiving.

Design Your Own Tree: Felt Christmas Trees

Design Your Own Christmas Tree - Felt Christmas Trees

Do you have a little one that loves Christmas? Does he love the Christmas Tree? Is his favorite thing decorating the tree, and redecorating the tree again and again? We all know how difficult it can be to keep your tree looking nice with those Christmas happy toddlers running around. All those pretty, and delicate Christmas balls, Glass ornaments, family heirlooms and tinsel can be difficult to keep unbroken when there are little ones looking to help rearrange the tree everyday. So how do you keep you little man away from your tree? Give him his own to decorate and rearrange as often as he wants.

We searched for a fun way to keep your kids away from your Christmas Tree and found this great Felt Christmas Tree at SolandRachel.com. This great blog written by mother of two Rachel features lots of great ideas and fun activities for kids and their parents but the activity we are most interested in this month is the Felt Christmas Tree. The fun with the felt tree is that felt sticks to felt and you can design and rearrange your tree as often as you want Ina’s many different ways as you can possibly think of.

What You Will Need:

1 yard of green felt
1/4-3/4 yard of yellow felt
1/4-3/4 yard of red felt
1/4-3/4 yard of blue felt
1/4-3/4 yard of white felt
Tacks or self-adhesive Velcro to attach felt to wall
Hot glue gun
Straight edge

What You Will Do:

1. Begin by folding your green felt in half and then using a straight edge make an angled cut across your yard felt.

2. Next lay the now triangular shaped green felt flat on the ground. Using your scissors begin making small notches on either side of the triangle to form tree branches. Do this up and down each side of the tree. Do as many as you want and as wide as you want.

3. Now you can attach your tree to the wall. You can use thumb tacks at the ton of the tree and the two sides of the bottom of the tree, or you can choose to use self-adhesive Velcro in order to avoid putting holes in the walls.

4. Next cut some ornaments for your tree with the other felt colors. Make as many as you want in alternating colors. Use a cup to trace perfect circles. Don’t forget to make a star with your yellow for the top of the tree. Try this stencil for a star. You can spice up your ornaments with some scrap piece, use your scissors and glue gun to make polka dots, stripes, hearts, anything you want.

5. Now that it has all dried and the scissors and glue gun are put away you can let your toddler go crazy decorating his new tree!