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Back to School=Germs?

It has already happened. Three kids were out sick from my kid’s classroom.  I know that means the germs are coming — so it is time to get ready to fight back. School season seems to make the germs stronger. As parents we can sometimes feel that there is no way to combat the germs the kids encounter while at school. But there are lots of ways to help our kids stay strong in the face of germs.

  1. Eat healthier foods to promote wellness fruits, veggies, and proteins are great try to cut out or lower foods filled with fats and sugars since the cause the system to slow down and not be able to combat the germs as they are introduced.
  2. Make sure that your kids had a solid sleep routine. The hours of sleep can make a difference in how an immune system rebuilds and cares for itself. Try to promote good sleep with a regular bedtime routine.
  3. HAND WASHING! We have heard this one a million times and it seems like a no-brainer. But honestly that is because it is so true. Germs come from the surfaces we touch everyday. Then we touch our face and the germs latch right on to the mucus membrane and implant themselves. Washing regularly minimizes this. Make sure your kids wash well, with warm water, and soap. The most important part is to scrub hard. Make sure they create lots of friction to the entire hand (even between fingers and under nails!) Supplying them with hand sanitizer at school makes a huge difference too!
  4.  Do not share ANYTHING!! Sharing food, food utensils, and other gear at school is a very quick way to contract germs. If you must share balls, books, etc at school then be sure to properly wash hands after.
  5. Washing backpacks and lunchboxes periodically makes a difference as well. Lunchboxes can be washed with some warm water and soap and left to air-dry. So can most backpacks. You can also use sanitized wipes or essential oil sprays like Thieves spray.
  6. Try to eliminate stress or minimize it by keeping the kids active. Give them lots of outdoor time. They can play, burn off energy, get fresh air, and vitamin D from the sun. It can also aid them in getting better sleep!

These all seem like simple solutions (and you must be thinking they won’t work, or I already do most of these) but by keeping these small routines in our day we can help make this germ season a little less yucky.

Mom Hack: Bathroom Smells

Some of you may know what I am talking about. Boys are terrible bathroom guests. They leave horrible smells and the particular smell I am speaking of today is that stale urine smell. With the holidays here we have many guests in and out of our bathrooms, and if you are like me you have the guests using the kids bathroom. Not my brightest idea but its the only bathroom other than the master, and they are not going in my room. So every year around this time I must find ways to keep the stink of my kids bathroom to a minimum so that I can appear to be that mom I always wish to be, you know the one, the one who has it all together. Since that isn’t usually me, I enjoy appearing that one a few times a year. How do i do this you may ask? I do a simple clean up of the bathroom before guests arrive and call it a day. Haha! Yea, that smell I was talking about, a quick clean doesn’t cut it. So instead I clean, and create this simple little cleanser for the toilet give it a GOOD scrub, then create a little deodorizer for a continuous refresher durign the day.


  • 1-2 cups hot water
  • 1/4 cup vinegar
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup borax
  • dish washing soap

Use this fabulous cleanser scrub around the toilet base, under the seat, behind the seat, along the tank, and in the bowl. I suggest wearing gloves since it can be a little foul.

bathroom smells

I love to follow this with a little deodorizer that I leave in mason jar in the bathroom. This incredibly quick, easy, and sweet smelling recipe at Redefined Mom. Like me she doesn’t always have the time to be “that mom” 24/7 so hacks like this make life easier, and smell better. Go check out her easy to replicate bathroom deodorizer. Your guests will thank you, and so will your nose!

Chores for Kids: Yay or Nay?

So last week I was in the backyard with my daughter, age two, picking up the dog poop in our yard. If you have dogs, or other animals, you know this is a necessary evil, and it happens fairly often. I had pooper scooper in hand and wandered around the yard cleaning said evil droppings. When my daughter yelled out to me, “Dog poopoo mama! Here!” I walked over to her and indeed saw a spot I had missed. I went to rake it into the scooper she stopped me and asked to help. I let her hold the handle to the scoop basin while I raked the poop in. She loved it. She screamed about helping. She even went around and gathered a few more pieces. I was over the moon. Maybe soon I can stop doing this job and pass it off to her. Especially since she seems to enjoy it. My neighbor was not as enthused as I was. He actually yelled at me over the fence about using my child as slave labor. It is a parents job to work he told me, children should not do chores. I was baffled. I did chores as a child. It was not slave labor. I did what everyone else in my house was expected to do as well. So I pose this question to you readers, are chores unreasonable?

I have always taught my children to participate in the household duties, just as my parents did with me. It encouraged productivity, community involvement, and an understanding of how the world works. In order for the house to run smoothly for us all to enjoy our time together we have to work together to get things done. Every night my entire family helps. The oldest help in the kitchen at dinner time, chopping things, or assembling the salad. The younger children set the table, and everyone helps to clear at the end of the meal. My children also help to take the trash out, clean up their rooms, and feed the dogs. My two year old loves putting food in the dog bowl and carrying it in to the kitchen for them.

When it is time to clean up the house everyone pitches in, helping to dust, mop, and fold laundry. My two year old sorts the laundry, she revels in her ability to sort the whites from the colors.

So I ask you once more, what is wrong with this? My children still play, they go out with friends, they do not get punished for not helping, but they also do not refuse to help. It has never been a requirement, no punishments or treats are given for helping. It is just something everyone does. I feel it helps my children to understand responsibility, appreciate what they have, and teaches them how to run a household when they are older. I would hate to see my children at 30 unable to take out the trash, or cook a decent meal. What do you feel is a good chore for every age? Do you agree with the chart for different age group chores? Is there something you would add? Or remove?

Chores for kids