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Clearance at The Boy’s Store!!

Did you know we have a Clearance section at The Boy’s Store?

We regularly mark down items and place them in the clearance at The Boy’s Store section for multiple reasons. But at the end of the day, it means you get amazing name¬†brand items at a reduced price. You can find all of our favorite brands in there including Wes and Willy, Appaman, and more. Right now you can find a lot of our fall and winter items in the clearance section. But you can also find many of LAST SUMMERS stock including swimwear, athletic shorts, t-shirts, and more for as little as $8. You also get FREE SHIPPING on many items. You could pick up so much right now for the fall school year, or pickup some awesome extra swimwear for the best summer ever.

Hurry in to see what is available now!

Rock Sticker Swim Trunks by Wes and Willy 

Clearance at The Boy's Store - swim trunks

Mountaineer Shorts by Wes and Willy

Clearance at The Boy's Store - mountaineer shorts

These items are available now and are perfect for extra looks this summer. The great thing about Wes and Willy and other brands we carry is that they are stylish and comfortable, even of they are one season or two seasons old the style holds up. They will always impress, and they are always comfortable. So stock up on items for less now in our clearance section. You will be glad you did.

Boys Clothing Clearance!!

Did you know that we have a bunch of our favorite brands and items on clearance right now? With the holidays right around the corner you may be looking to save some money on last minute gift ideas. We understand how hard it is to pick up items your boys will enjoy wearing, while sticking to a budget. These boys clothing clearance items will make that so much easier, and you don’t have to find a way to get to the store before picking the kids up from school or practice, they will ship right to you (just to be sure you understand we ship the items not the kids, you still have to pick them up today).

Boys Rock N Roll Shirt by Wes and Willy: This fun shirt is a favorite with boys. Right now you can even have it shipped for free!

Boys clothing clearance

Caution Shirt by Dogwood: This shirt should be in every boys closet. It should be the definition of boy. Get it now for only $9.

Boys clothing clearance #1

Wes and Willy Boys’ Fleece Pea Coat: Regularly much more expensive this amazing coat is only $32 and is perfect for the long winter season.

Boys clothing clearance #2

Shop The Boy’s Store today!

Visit our website today to take advantage of our boys clothing clearance items.

On Sale: Dogwood Tees!

We love our Dogwood tees and right now you will too. Some great Dogwood tees are currently on sale for up to 75% off their normal price. It is the perfect time to stock up in some great tees for the beginning of school. Soon the fall apparel will arrive for this great brand and you will have dozens of great new looks to choose from but if you want some great tees that will work for the end of this long hot summer we are having and will work for those still hot back-to-school days look no further! The Boy’s Store has the great looks you want or the small price you need!

Lacrosse Shirt by Dogwood: this gorgeous deep red short sleeve shirt features a lacrosse screen print across the front that your boy will love. Its deep color is the perfect back-to-school chic style for fall but its short sleeves still make it perfect for the hotter weather.

North Shore Lifeguard Shirt by Dogwood: white with the red lifeguard logo this shirt is a favorite of boys. Not only does it look cool it is comfortable and light to wear for the rest of summer, and right now it is half its usual price!


Trouble Shirt by Dogwood: this shirt says it all! We all know our boys can be trouble, but guess what? They don’t care. They embrace their trouble-maker nature, and now they can show it off. This sage green tee has their name on it, trouble!