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Summertime Blues



Summertime is full of the color blue, blue water, blue skies, and blue swim trunks! Summer is a great time to enjoy the blue sky, blue water, and just have a great time in the outdoors. The Boy’s Store has some great swim trunk options for your little man this summer. This week we want to highlight some of our favorite blue swim trunks. You and your little man will love the selection.

Prepster Swim by Dogwood: These Navy plaid swim trunks have a mesh inner lining. They have a preppy style that will make it all the way through the summer with style and class and for only $16.50 they won’t break the bank!

Skeleton Fish Swim Trunks by Plaid Fish: these blue and neon green swim trunks will wow at the pool this summer. Boys will love the look and the comfort of the cool trunks, and for $10.00 Mom will not say no.

Surf Trunks With Mesh Liner by Flap Happy: Surfing is a summertime sport. It is all about the beach, fun, sun, and looking cool. With these trunks your boy will look cool all summer long.

Turtle Swim Trunks by Plaid Fish: Boys love turtles, and these trunks are absolutely covered in them. He will love the cool turtles, the awesome colors, and the fun that comes with a new swim suit.

Turtle and Hibiscus Swim Trunks by Plaid Fish: With a look straight from the islands your son will fall in love with these trunks. They will be the ultimate outfit for summer vacation. You may never see your son get dressed again, his clothing of choice all summer long will be these trunks!