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Rabbit Moon: Baby Boy Style

Rabbit Moon is a great brand for baby boys. Their clothes are stylish, strong, and withstand everything a toddler/baby will put them through. I know that you will think that it i simple to stop at your local Target when you need new clothes for a toddler or baby. After all they won’t wear them long, why spend that much money? But let me tell you why.


Do you know how often I wash baby clothes? I have a 14 month old boy. And he is HARD on his clothes. I wash a load at least every two days, even when he still has clothes in the closet. Why? Stains. Simple. Babies spill. Babies crawl. Babies fall when learning to walk. Babies spit up. Babies poop. All of these things cause stains. Now sure you can just buy cheap clothes you find at Walmart or Target and then simply buy new if they stain. But then how often are you doing that?

Wear and Tear

My kid goes through pants. Not because he is growing, but because when he crawls, walks, or things get washed a lot they wear through. Designs even wear off of his clothes. He had these adorable pants from Target with little animals on them. The animals wore off after several washes, and now they are all faded on his knees from crawling and washing. It makes it look like I never wash his clothes, or do not take good care of them. And trust me. I DO!

I have learned over the years that QUALITY is the way to go. Brands like Rabbit Moon cost a little extra but they are made with QUALITY materials that stand up to wear and tear, stains, and washing. So now I can take care of his clothes and not have to replace them as often. I also can save them and use them with subsequent babies, or share them with friends whose children need new outfits. They are worth the investment!

Check out some of the adorable looks we currently have in stock from Rabbit Moon. The styles are adorable, and the quality is priceless!!

Rabbit Moon Boys’ Altitude Hoodie

Boys’ Jet Striped Zip-Up Hoodie by Rabbir Moon

Rabbit Moon Boys’ Fine Wale Corduroy Pants

Wild French Terry Sport Pants by Rabbit Moon

Just in Time for School: Pique Polos

Does your little guy wear a uniform to school? We have you covered! Pique Polos are available from CR Sport. These comfortable and classic looking polos are short sleeved, and are available in red, white, and navy blue. Pick up a few for the upcoming school year to keep your little men within dress code all season long. They feature a three-button collar and are so classic they will impress even the staunchest advisors.

Pique Polos in red

Pique Polos run true to size so make sure you check your sons current size, or order a size ahead to keep for next semester when he has already grown a size. Check them out now because they are only $16.

Pair them with some great Khakis for a complete look!

The Boy’s Store Style Blog

Did you know we have style blog as well our activity blog? You can find fabulous looks that have been pulled together with some of our favorite items here at the store.

Style blog fashion collage

Boys style doesn’t have to be boring. Why should the girls get all the fun stuff? The Boy’s Store offers fun, and stylish looks all year long. We are a completely online store, which is perfect for busy moms and dads that don’t have time to take their boys shopping. You can shop anytime day or night and we will respond. We have a recently refurbished website with incredibly easy to find departments for boys and all the items they need to stay stylish all year long.

We have been here for 10 years and we have spent all of that time trying to do the best we can for our customers. We love our boys, and we know you love your boys too. So we offer them the best looks around from some of the coolest brands ever to hang in your sons closet. So head on ¬†over to The Boy’s Store and The Boy’s Store Style Blog to get some incredibly cool looks for your favorite boys.