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Back-to-School Germs Hacks for the Savvy Parent

August may still feel like summer but so many of our kids are already going back-to-school. That means that all of those back-to-school germs hacks will be needed soon! So lets get ready to combat them!

Back-to-school germs hacks

  1. Hand sanitizer!! Don’t just send one to school for you kid, pick up a giant bottle and gift it to their teacher!!
  2. Sanitizer wipes. Keep a container in the car or where your kids come in the house. Give their bags and books a quick wipe down when they come home.
  3. Spray cleaner! This awesome spray cleaner is easy to make and works wonders at keeping things clean and keeping those germs at bay! back-to-school germs hacks
  4. Humidify the house. A humidifier helps keep cold germs at bay by keeping your sinuses clear and moist.
  5. Air purifiers are also great for keeping the air clear of allergens

Kids will get sick, but hopefully with these tips we can cut down on the length and severity of those invading germs. Don’t forget to eat well and drink lots of water to limit illness!