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New Years Activities For Kids!

New Years Activities For Kids!

New Years is almost here and we all know that our kids are going to want to stay up till midnight. But what do we do with them for all those long hours to keep them from getting bored and driving us all crazy? We need some fun activities that will keep them happy, involved, and awake because let’s face it, they usually drop like flies way before midnight.

In our house our kiddos rarely make it to midnight. But we try to keep them involved at least until they do finally drop. This year we are having a party with all of our friends and their kids too. This is the first year that everyone has children. In the past only a few of us did and we would throw those happening adult parties, oh we miss those days. But now that we are all party poopin’ parents we need a way to involve all of the kids. So as usual I have been scouring my mommy blogs for some great ideas and I stumbled upon this great blog East Coast Mommy.

Gina at East Coast Mommy knows how to keep hose kids partying till midnight. With three boys of her own she has been through a New Years or two. Her incredible post about a countdown to midnight is perfect for our new family oriented New Years party. It not only keeps the kids involved it can also be fun for the adults too.

Countdown to midnight begins at 5pm and goes till midnight. All you need is 8 paper bags and some treats, toys, and games to go inside. At every hour you open a bag. You get to eat or play with whatever is inside. When the clock strikes the next hour, grab another bag. Gina has lots of incredible ideas for each bag. You could even add games that the family could play together, like follow the leader, try a minute to win it game, or pack in a cd or iPod and have a dance party.

This New Years everyone is getting in on the party with these great bags and the countdown to midnight. For more great ideas and pictures check out East Coast Mommy for Gina’s post. Happy New Year!