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Do It Yourself: Lego Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners are all the rage right now. But what about creating your own Lego Fidget Spinner at home? All you need is a little bit of help from one of our favorite Mommy bloggers, Sarah at Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

Sarah is always finding awesome ideas for her boys. We have highlighted her so much we think of her as one of our friends. She knows what boys like, and she knows how to keep them busy. Legos are such great fun for young boys, but they are also incredibly educational. So it is no surprise that she has found a way to combine them with the latest craze of Fidget Spinners.

Fidget Spinners are incredibly cool and fun gadgets that boys and girls are going crazy over. Originally created to help children with ADD, ADHD, And Autism. They help busy kids stay on task while still being able to fidget, move, and act.

This fun adaptation in Lego form is so neat and so creative we just had to share it. Lego Fidget Spinners are great for any age and any child. Feel free to share with all of your friends.

Head on over to Frugal Fun 4 Boys to get the full tutorial, and make sure you have a good supply of Legos for the materials needed. Then enjoy your little spinner all day long!

Lego Fidget Spinners

Summer Olympic Activities: DIY

The Olympics are so much fun to watch. But sometimes you wish you could interact with them. Well we can’t get you a spot on the Olympic team, but we can help you find some fun free printable that will let you create your own medals at home, and help you have some fun during the Summer Olympics.

Classy Mommy’s Olympic Activities

Colleen Padilla has some incredible printable on her website ClassyMommy. You and your kids can create your own medals, color pictures of athletes and events, complete mazes, word searches, and other fun activities while you watch the games this summer. You can learn more about the games and events, and apply some math and science type learning all while playing along with your favorite events and athletes.

Olympic Activities DIY

The Olympics are not only fun they are important for international relationships. It helps to bring together nations of all different beliefs every four years. Use this to help your kids understand the importance of equality, tolerance, and developing relationships by finding as many different flags as you can while watching the Olympics. The winner could earn a fancy new custom medal!

Father’s Day: Dad’s #1 Fan

Father’s Day is a great day to show Dad how much we love and appreciate him. Sometimes we forget to remind the people closest to us how important they are to us. Thats why days like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, and Valentine’s Day exist. We live in such a fast paced, busy world that we don’t even take the time to call people, it is just so much simpler to send a text. We don’t read books we read blogs (by the way we do appreciate that we just also really like people to read books!) and we eat fast food because it is simpler and faster than cooking at home when we are on the run. So it isn’t surprising that we need days like Father’s Day to remind us to stop and show our love and affection for the people in our lives that mean the most to us.

Dad’s are great. They do the heavy lifting. Like when we fall asleep on the couch, but wake up in bed. Yep, that is usually Dad. When we want to learn how to build something with our own hands, it’s usually Dad that takes us out to the hardware store and is excited to share his wisdom. Dad are great for so many things, so it is important to show him that we love him as much as he loves us, because we do after all. Even if we don’t always say it.

This year for Father’s Day we need to get old fashioned and make Dad something special from the heart. That is just from us. No help from Mom, because that is the best way to show Dad that we really care.

We have found an excellent craft that is perfect for Dad without any real help from Mom. Thanks to Michelle at Crafty Morning we have a gift that will totally score points with Dad. This #1 Fan craft is great, it is fun, simple, and totally about Dad. You can add Dad’s favorite team to the picture and you can write Dad a special message just from you. Michelle at Crafty Morning loves to craft, and her crafts are filled with heart. Which is exactly what a craft for our Dad on Father’s Day should be filled with.

Father's Day

What You Will Need: 

  • Paper
  • Brown Paint
  • White Paint
  • Paint brush
  • One hand (you do need two but just one will get really dirty)
  • One marker or pen

Now just head on over to Crafty Morning for a very easy-to-follow tutorial with pictures. Then get your craft going and you can surprise Dad with a very cool Father’s Day gift.