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Fall Activities: Blow Paint Monsters

Are you looking for the next big fall art project? Look no further, we have found it for you. Blow Paint Monsters. Because who doesn’t love a good monster art project for Halloween? This project is fun, simple, and will blow you away!

Thank you to The Seasoned Mom for the incredible inspiration, and the easiest tutorial. Blair at The Seasoned Mom knows how to occupy some kids, and still get some pretty great art out of it.  Thank you to Blair for this fun masterpiece, I cannot wait to have my kiddos make me some terrifying monsters.

For the full tutorial head on over to The Seasoned Mom. These little monsters make great decorations for Halloween. They also are a great way to show off your kids’ creativity. While the project stays the same, the monsters can look however you want them too. So no two monsters will be the same.

Blow Paint Monster

So get those art supplies ready.

  • Paint
  • Paper or canvas
  • straws
  • googley eyes
  • glue
  • and markers

Then head on over to The Seasoned Mom for a step-by-step. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Decorate a Holiday Plate

Decorate a Holiday Plate

During the holidays we all love to be a little more festive than usual. We make baked goods, we give out little presents to friends and family, and we love to decorate our houses. Well this year why not try an easy way to accomplish all three for very little money, a little creativity, and an oven!

Christmas plates are beautiful and make a great addition to any household, but they can sometimes be very expensive. This year why not make a few festive holiday plates with your kids at home and design them in any way you want. You can create beautiful custom plates for very little money. Just get some inexpensive plain white plates at your local dollar or thrift store. Purchase a set of permanent markers, you can buy them in a variety of colors and then you can let your creativity run wild and colorful.

What You Will Need:

Plain White Plates
Permanent Markers
Oven 350 degrees

What You Will Do:

1. Choose a plain white plate to decorate. Your plate can be any size or shape this will help it to be more customized and special.

2. Wash the plate you plan to use so that it is the perfect clean canvas you need.

3. Use your permanent markers to draw pictures and write words or monograms on the plates. Use your imagination. Draw Christmas trees, Santa, trace your child’s hand, let your imagination run free.

4. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. When it is done let it cool. Now you have a beautiful custom plate for the holidays.

These plates make the perfect tray for giving away baked goods this holiday season. They also make excellent gifts to grandparents. Imagine keeping a plate with your grandchild’s unique drawing. It will become a treasure as your children age. Keep a plate for your own house and use it each year to hold cookies for Santa. No matter what you do with these gorgeous plates you will never forget the memories you have created when making them. Enjoy!

Spider Web Decorations: Halloween Craft

Spider Web Decorations

It is October first! And you know what that means, for the next 29 days all you will hear about from your kids is Halloween. Treats, costumes, crafts, activities, and the culminating event trick-or-treating. It can be a long month of waiting, but who says you have to wait? Why not let all of October be about the fun of ghost and ghouls, zombies and Frankenstein, pumpkins and sweet treats. Well this month we are going to highlight some fun crafts, pumpkin ideas, sweet treats, spooky treats (spooky look, heathy food!) and kooky books you and your kids will love. So why not get started by getting yourself, your kids, and your house in the Halloween spirit!

You cannot have a month full of Halloween without some awesome Halloween decorations. Your house has to be suspiciously spooky to be completely prepared for Halloween, and we have the perfect craft that will double as fun and a decoration. Thanks to RedBook Magazine for the great idea and awesome picture!

Spider Web Decorations

What You Will Need:

Elmer’s Glue (white, colored, or even glitter glue depending on the effect you want)
Wax Paper

What You Will Do:

1. Begin by placing your Elmer’s glue in the refrigerator for a few hours. It will help it thicken and be easier to squeeze. This helps keep the design and doesn’t cause it to run all over the wax paper.

2. Place your wax paper on a hard surface. Make sure it is long and wide enough for whatever size web you want to make.

3. Begin by drawing an asterisk with the glue on the wax paper with four lines. Then starting at the center draw a circular line connecting each spoke of the asterisk, begin small then go wider and anger as you travel to the outside of the spokes.

4. Once you are happy with the size of your web let it sit out overnight to dry. In the morning use a spatula to carefully peel it off the wax paper. They make excellent placemats, doilies, and window clings. Perfect for a spooktacular Halloween.