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Best Books: Oh The Places You’ll Go

When I was a teenager my cousin’s best-friend’s Mom was dying of cancer. She had a long horrible illness. But during that time she prepared items for her daughter to have and read when she was gone. One of those things was a copy of Dr. Seuss’ Oh The Places You’ll Go. She bought her daughter a copy and took it to all of her teachers that year in school (her senior year) and had them all sign a little message to her. The mother left three pages at the back for herself, and wrote a very long heartfelt message for her daughter to read on graduation day. The mom passed away before graduation. But her husband gave it to their daughter the night of graduation. To this day she counts it as the single greatest gift she was ever given. It was filled with motivational letters from her teachers, and a letter that told her everything her mother ever thought of her, and how proud she was of her.

oh the places you'll go

When I started having kids I knew I wanted to borrow this idea. So I bought a copy for each of my kids. Instead of just doing it senior year I have taken it to every teacher for every grade and let them write a note to my kid. I will continue to do so every year, and save a spot for me at the end. I hope that one day it will show my children how special they are, and how many people worked hard to help them become the best person they could.

Brand New Dr. Seuss: What Pet Should I Get?

There is some spectacular news in the world of literature this year. A never-before-seen picture book from the one and only Dr. Seuss!! This book has been hidden for decades and is now available for your incredible Dr. Seuss collection. Follow this brother and sister duo as they come to grapple with the very difficult decision of What Pet Should I Get? The kids learn how difficult it is to make a hard decision but that sometimes when you are faced with such a difficult decision the only way out is to make up your mind and choose. Follow along with them in the zany zoological rhyming wordplay that we have a.l come to love and know so well. Dr. Seuss’ signature style abounds in this fabulous new book find. Hurry in and get your copy now and complete your Seuss collection.

What pet should I get?

The end of the book even includes a little editors note on the discovery of this incredible manuscript and its illustrations. You and your kids will love this spectacular Seuss find and it will soon become one of your family’s favorites.

May Book of the Month: My Book About Me

Dr. Seuss has created some of the most amazing children’s books. But this book, My Book About Me, is one of the most unique of his creations. And with Dr. Seuss that is saying something. What makes My Book About Me so unique you might ask? Well it is a book with story by you, about you, and nothing else. In My Book About Me you are the author with a little help from Dr. Seuss and Roy McKie. You have the opportunity to write a story about your life and your favorite things. It even includes incredible illustrations for you to finish that will go along with your life’s story.My book about me

Kids will love this book because it will be fun for them to write about their favorite things. But our choice this month is also an educational book. It will help your child learn more about themselves, what they like about themselves, and it will help them to learn important personal information like their address and their phone number. This book is great for children ages 4 and up. It also serves as a type of diary, or personal scrapbook. In a few years when your little one is all grown up you will both enjoy looking back and reading about their life in their own words. It s a chronicle of their personal growth. Besides, what better way to encourage your child to write and read than by letting them write their very own book?

This month we highlight this incredible book because it uses a unique way of getting children interested in reading. Dr. Seuss was an avid supporter of children’s literacy during his life and since his passing his foundations have continued to search for ways to initiate young readers into a world of magic and knowledge. As parents it is also our responsibility to get our children interested in reading. With this book we are one step closer to creating a whole new generation of readers!

Get you own copy today!