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Easter Ideas

Easter is just around the corner now. You may have already started gathering ideas for baskets this year, but if you haven’t we have a few Easter ideas for different age groups that might help you in your last minute shopping.

You can make Easter baskets with simple items. While many parents like to steer away from too much candy you add “treats” in other forms: jerky, specialty drinks, cookies, chips, etc. For younger kids try including their favorite cracker or cereal.

Toys and other favorite items can e easily added. Bubbles are always a huge hit, balls, sports equipment, hats, coloring books, etc. These items do not cost much and they are great for spring activities.

You do not have to stick with the traditional “basket” theme. Try changing it up by using a baseball hat, swing, toy truck, beach towel, kiddie pool, the possibilities are endless. Check out some amazing visual ideas for different age groups below. We hope you have a fantastic Easter!

Ages newborn-2 years old: Construction vehicle Easter ideas Swing Easter ideas

2 years to 5 years old:

Dinosaur Easter ideasSpiderman Easter ideas

5 years to 9 years old:

Hot Wheels Easter ideas Pokemon Easter ideas

9 years old and up:

Sport themed Easter ideas Teenager Easter ideas

Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is early this year, instead of arrive in mid-April it will be here at the end of March. If you are like me that means you are already trying to plan what you will be organizing for your little ones.  Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to do, especially if you have more than one kiddo around. So this year we have found a few ideas that are simple, can be easily executed, replicated, and can be easily done for many age groups .

Pool Noodle Easter Basket:

This fun Idea was found at Down Home Inspiration. Kristen, is a DIY expert, and her fun pool noodle basket is perfect for boys and girls of all ages. Kristen breaks it down with a step by step tutorial and gives great ideas for different stuffers. Check it out!

Easter Basket Ideas

Garden Easter Basket:

Jaime is a mom of three boys, and like many of us, is incredibly busy. But her fun and outdoor oriented Easter basket is perfect for the coming spring activities. Jaime knows how to entertain and educate kids all at the same time, so her fun stuffers are perfect for keeping kids busy and teaching them something new. Check out her fun Easter ideas now!


Dump Truck Easter Basket

This is the perfect toddler themed basket. It can be created for older boys, but is perfect for little ones that aren’t really ready for lots of candy and small toys. Amber has lots of different toddler friendly ideas for that little one in your family. a344883bcb65aa83c4de4c25ea38a2ca

Easter Basket ideas: Sans Candy!

Easter is just around the corner and we don’t know about you but we are always trying to find fun and interesting things to put in the baskets that don’t include a ton of candy. While we like to add one or two of our kids favorite candies it is just too much candy to fill and entire basket, especially that early in the morning. We run in to this problem every year. Not just at Easter either, Christmas stocking are also difficult. But there is nothing that can be done other than to suck it up and find something. So here are a few ideas that just might help you get out of your funk.

Easter Basket ideas sans candy

Popcorn!! Because who doesn’t love popcorn. Go fancy and get cheese or butter flavored.

Graham crackers. These are always fun, and come in lots of cool character shapes. They can be cinnamon sprinkles, chocolate, honey, or chocolate chip too. Even flavored they have less sugar than candy.

Dried fruit. Our kids love dried strawberries and apricots. They will eat an entire bag. We love to put them in their little plastic eggs.

Goldfish. Every kids loves these, I think it’s a rule. Dress them up in something fun. Try packaging them in an icing bag and put green ribbon at the top. Now it looks like a fun orange carrot.

Nutella dipping sticks. Still sugary but not as bad as candy. And make a fun dessert after lunch.

Socks. Character socks and bright patterns are always fun to get.

Playdough! This time of year they even have special colors and containers shaped like rabbits and chicks.

Matchbox cars!! Enough said.

Silly straws!


Baseball and mitt!



Fruit leather. Many brands have low sugar or no sugar.

Sidewalk chalk!!

Now that you have some fabulous ideas you better get started because Easter will be here before you know it! Hop to it!