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DIY: Wind Chime

Summer is the perfect time to sit outside and enjoy the beauty of your yard. And speaking of beauty, why not add to your beautiful yard this week by creating a beautiful looking decoration that also creates its own beautiful music? A do it yourself wind chime is not only easy it is fun for little hands to help with.

Wind Chime

This fun wind chime can be seen in this month’s Parents magazine and is truly a beauty. It can be created from things you have left over around the house. We all have bottle caps hanging around destined for our trash can, instead of trashing them stash them somewhere in preparation for this great craft. You can recycle as you create a gorgeous green decoration for your yard.

What You will Need:

  • Bottle caps (if you don’t have any saved check out crown bottle caps, $3 to $4 for 50; amazon.com)
  • outdoor craft paint
  • paintbrush
  • fishing line, scissors
  • bells
  • tacky glue
  • buttons
  • 4″-tall flowerpot (plastic or ceramic) with a hole in the bottom
  • hot-glue gun

What You Will Do:

1. Make those mismatched bottle caps look a little more attractive by slapping some paint on them. You can do the same thing with the pot. Pick any color you want!

2. Cut seven 18″ pieces of fishing line then tie a bell to the end of each strand. This will weigh down each strand.

3. Put a dot of tacky glue on bottle cap and sandwich the fishing line with a button. Repeat five or six times per strand. Let dry.

4. Feed the ends of all strands through the holes of a large button (it must be bigger than the pot’s drainage hole) and secure with a knot about 4 1/2″ above the top bottle cap. Feed the strands up through the drainage hole.

5. So that the strands don’t cluster in the middle, hot-glue fishing line to the inside edge of the pot, evenly spaced around the circumference.

6. Tie another piece of fishing line in a tight knot to the top to hang.

Once your wind chime is dry it is ready to hang. Now you and your family can enjoy it for many summers to come!

No More Monsters: Bedtime Answers

MOM!!! Is the blood-curdling scream you hear from down the hall in the middle of the night as your little man once again cries out that the monsters are coming to get him. It is the 3rd night in a row that you have both lost sleep as you try, unconvincingly, to reassure him that there are no monsters in his room. And no one is out to get him. You shuffle back to bed only to be re-awakened an hour later by the cold feet pressing against your back as he climbs into bed alongside you. Monsters or no monsters looks like there will be an extra pair of feet in the bed tonight. It can be difficult to convince your little guy that there are no monsters in his room, his wild imagination that you love so much is ready to run amok at night when you want nothing but sleep. So what do you do to alleviate his fears? How about a new approach? Sure, there are monsters, but don’t worry, we have you covered.

Monster Spray. While it is not a new idea it is to your little ones. Moms have been using the illustrious monster spray idea for decades, this writer was a huge fan of it as a little girl, and it saved many lives. But in all seriousness, it helped to put me to sleep at night. I felt better having my Mother believe me that there was something scary, and having the power to fight back was beautiful. So how do you fight back? How about one bottle of Monster Spray?





What you need:

  • One spray bottle (Aerosol or plastic it is up to you and what you have available)
  • Water
  • Some sort of aromatic oil (Lavender, linen, bamboo works well it is a woodsy scent that children seem to associate with monsters and the outdoors)
  • Stickers/labels anything to decorate your bottle


What to Do:

Now you can spray this Monster Spray around the room at night. Spray two sprays under the bed, one in the closet, or wherever your little one is seeing the creepy crawlies. Soon you will both be sleeping through the night. Whenever you run out simply make another batch. Now go enjoy that rest!

Best Boy Craft: Jellyfish in a Bottle

We have found another great activity to keep your little man entertained, and it even helps you to recycle some useless junk in your own house. We all have dozens of those plastic water bottles that we do not want to just toss into the garbage and fill our beautiful Earth with. So why not repurpose them into fun entertaining crafts that can keep your little man and you connected, and help save a few spots in that landfill at the same time?  Well after scouring the web for some fun new ideas we have found this great idea created and posted by a Mom just like you.

While trying to find something fun for her son to do one afternoon and needing to get rid of some extra garbage this Mom got incredibly crafty and fashioned a jellyfish out of a plastic grocery bag, floated it in a plastic water bottle, and discovered a way to teach her son about recycling, ocean life, and entertained both him and his Dad for hours. Now you can find her idea here and try it yourself. So thanks Bhoomplay for the great idea!

What you will Need:

1. A transparent plastic grocery bag
2. A plastic water bottle
3. Thread
4. Food coloring (blue and green will make a great ocean look)
5. Scissors


What to do:
• Take your grocery bag and flatten it, then cut off the handle and the bottom part (closed section of the bag see picture 1)
• Cut along both sides (see picture 2) and split it  into 2 plastic sheets – You will only need one side

• From the center of the plastic sheet, fold it like a tiny balloon to make the head, tie it with the thread, not too tight (see picture 3). You will want the head to stay open enough to put water into the head later on (see picture 7-8).

• Now you will see a head and you can begin to form tentacles. Cut from the edge up to the head and form about 8-10 tentacles (see picture 4).
• Cut each tentacle again into 3-4 small strings (see picture 5).
• Trim to make random long and short tentacles (see picture 6).

• Put some water into the head part to make it be able to sink (see picture 7). While still leaving some air inside to make be able to float up (see picture 8).
• Fill up your water bottle (see picture 9).
• Put your jellyfish in the bottle with a few drops of blue and green food coloring. Screw on the cap remembering to ensure it is tight before giving it to children.


For a great lesson in Jellyfish pair this great activity with a book about these incredible marine animals. Floating Jellyfish is a great book for kids ages 5 and up that focuses on jellyfish. You can find it on Amazon.com or look for it at your local library. It has an incredible narrative voice perfect for young children and includes amazing pictures that will go great with your child’s own floating jellyfish! Enjoy!