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Science Freaks: Make and Egg Shell Disappear

Have you ever wondered what an egg looks like on the inside? Eggs are such a unique and special part of life. But when you crack them open they are different than they looked before. It is nearly impossible to see what they look like, untouched inside the shell. Or is it?

This fun experiment from Go Science Girls will help you to finally see inside of an egg. This is so different than a hard boiled egg which only lets you see the firm outer egg white layer. This experiment will help you to remove the outer shell while keeping the white membrane and yellow yolk fully intact.

This experiment can pose a few questions. Is the egg white an important part of the egg? What protects the eggs, the shell, or the egg white? What will happen if the egg shell is removed? what will happen if there is no egg white?

Discuss with your kids why both the egg shell and the white membrane are important. Check out this article about the anatomy of an egg and why each part is important.

Head on over to Go Science Girls for a full tutorial on how to achieve this incredible science experiment. Be sure to check out some other cool experiments while you are there. They do not disappoint!

Easter Egg Decorating

Easter is a fun time in our household. Our kids love to decorate eggs. They enjoy trying new and different decorating ideas every year, so of course I spend sometime before we begin decorating looking for fresh ideas. This year I found so many I just new I had to share them with all of you.

Here are a few:

Shaving Cream Eggs: These unique eggs were created by Crafty Morning. You use sharing cream to create the unique swirled appearance on the egg shells. This is fun and messy, in the best way! Easter Egg Decorating Galaxy Easter eggs: These eggs are really out of this world! Created by Dream A Little Bigger, they actually look like little mini galaxies. They are actually not as difficult as they look, and make for a very fun day of egg decorating. Easter Egg Decorating - Galaxy eggs Avengers Easter Eggs: These eggs are truly super! They will rescue you from a boring egg dying session. Food Fun Family has an excellent tutorial to help you through! This one is a little more complicated for our younger egg decorators, but perfect for our older kids. Avenger Easter Egg Decorating Star Wars Eggs: Frugal Fun 4 Boys has once again impressed us with fun and simple tutorials. This one will help you and your kids create all of your favorite Star Wars characters in egg form. Once again this tutorial is easier when followed with adult help, and usually is best for older kids. Star Wars Easter Egg Decorating