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Fall Art Projects: Pumpkin Keepsake

Autumn brings the beginning of the holidays. During the holidays I try to slow down at home. The world gets so busy and so chaotic during holiday time, and a parent can get lost in it all. So I try to sit back and take moments to enjoy the holidays a little. How do I do this? I choose special moments of the day to be with my family. I set aside special meals, movies, activities, or crafts for us to do together for us to soak in as much “together” time as we can in the midst of the busiest seasons.

This month I found these sweet little clay pumpkin keepsake crafts to do with my kids. My kids love a good clay craft, really they love anything that lets them play with things sticky, and messy.  This simple craft was created by Nadia at Teach Me Mommy. I really loved her take on the clay handprint because it not only gave you a handprint but she also found a way to incorporate a photo.

Pumpkin Keepsake

For the full tutorial including amazing photos head on over to Teach Me Mommy now. The great thing about this sweet keepsake is that it can double as fall or Halloween decor and can be brought out every year. So in a few years, you can look back at how young and precious your kids were, and remember that sweet day you worked together to create such a fantastic memory.

I am planning to enjoy this sweet keepsake all autumn long, and I hope you will too!

Fall Crafts: Bean Mosaics

Bean Mosaic

Fall is a great time to begin doing som fun and creative indoor crafts. As the weather changes outside you have more time inside, and more inspiration from all those beautiful changing colors! This month we want to share a colorful creative craft that will surely add some beauty to your home!

Fall also brings great new food with the changing of the seasons. Beans are a great fall staple and come in a beautiful array of colors and sizes. Red beans, pinto beans, split pea, and many, many more! So why not use these beautiful beans to create some amazing mosaics. Martha Stewart has a great tutorial for some incredible mosaics. You can make turrets for your hot plates, decorations for the kitchen, or just a Great Wall hanging! Your kids can create amazing tiles that will be as unique and creative as they are.

What You Will Need:

  • Pencil
  • Canvas boards
  • Small paintbrush
  • Craft glue
  • Dried beans
  • Ruler

What You Will Do:

1. Begin by drawing your design or pattern in pencil on the canvas board. Be creative draw a pattern, portrait, or landscape.
2. Use a small paint brush to paint a thin layer of glue on the canvas board. Then use your beans to fill in the areas of the picture, use a different color for each section.
3. Use your ruler to ensure your beans are edged well.
4. Complete steps 1-3 until picture is completely filled in.
5. When pattern is completely filled in with beans allow it to dry for 1 hour.

Enjoy your beautiful bean mosaic!