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New Look: Jack Thomas

We love to share new looks. This fun look from Jack Thomas is new to The Boy’s Store. It is fun, comfortable, casual, and perfect for fall weather.

Corduroy pants are the epitome of fall dress. They have that warm, crisp look to them. Cords have always been a favorite of little boys, and of their parents. They lend a casual yet sophisticated air to little boys that just endears their fall style to their parents all season long.

Boys Pinwale Cord Pant by Jack Thomas.

Jack Thomas Cords

Hoodies have been a favorite of the youth of America for a very long time. It is comfortable, casual, and easy. It can be a favorite item amongst boys in the colder months, after all, many boys just want simple. But dressed up with these corduroy pants that can be simple and statement all in one look.

Boys Striped Henley By Jack Thomas.

Jack Thomas Hoodie

Hurry in now and check out some of the other items available from Jack Thomas. And don’t forget that the holiday season is just around the corner. Our items make excellent gifts.


We Love Wes and Willy!

Cooler weather is starting to seep its way into our world. It may not be cold yet, but it is cooling down and fall and winter are definitely sneaking in while we are all still asleep in our nice warm beds. As the nights get cooler and the days get shorter we know it is almost time to get those long sleeves and warm clothes out of the back of the closet. Sometimes it is exciting to get out the fall and winter clothes. For one it means fun and exciting new looks, but it also means that the season is changing and our long fun days are coming to an end. But the change can be made a little easier with some great new looks. Wes and Willy and The Boy’s Store want to make this season transition easier on everyone, that is why we are offering some great styles, at some great prices. Our Wes and Willy stock is in and ready to fly off the shelves. So hurry in to check out the best looking styles Wes and Willy has to offer this season!

Football Twofer by Wes and Willy: this brown and heathery gray twofer is perfect for fall. It screams fall. This football themed long sleeve tee is worthy of a choreographed touchdown dance! The sleeves are brown and look just like a true leather football, laces and all. Your boys will love this long sleeve tee and wear it out before fall is over.


Puck Stops Here Shirt by Wes and Willy: football is great but hockey is cool, ice cool! This Nebraska red long sleeve tee is perfect for those tough hockey fans. It features some awesome looking pucks that are just begging to be slapped in for a goal. But as the tee says, the puck stops here.


Brontosaurus Has Had It Shirt by Wes and Willy: humor. Is a boys favorite accessory. So this shirt is the perfect tee. Long sleeved and sky blue it features a pretty witty and humorous dinosaur, with a pretty long neck, who has had it up to here with this nonsense. Boys love dinosaurs, boys love humor, boys will love this sassy brontosaurus and his quick witted quip!


Skateboard Backpack Shirt by Wes and Willy: bits just love their skateboards, but usually have to leave them at home when they head off to school. Now with this fantastic and fun tee they can carry their skateboard with them everywhere. This long sleeve tee features a graphic backpack with a totally rocking skateboard strapped to it. Now your boarder will never be too far from his favorite activity.


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Great New Fall Looks

We love fall weather, it means we can break out some great looking fall pieces. We want to highlight some great new fall looks from some of our favorites including La Miniatura, and Appaman. This fall let your boys experiment with new looks including new bright colors, cool belts, and awesome graphics.

Canvas Belt by Appaman: these medium weight canvas belts are perfect for any pair of pants. The olive and vintage black colors are the perfect addition to any look, and boys love their ease of use and wear.


Bikes Classic Tee by Appaman: this black long sleeve tee features a great dual motorcycle screen print on the front. Boys will love the bikes and the tough way the feel and look when they wear this tough biker tee.


Cargo Pants by Appaman: cargo pants are a boys Bestfriend. They allow for easy movements, for boys to carry a lot of things with them, and they are still incredibly stylish with their many different snaps and buttons. These black cargo pants will go with any great Appaman tee!


Rocket Owl Shirt by La Miniatura: this long sleeve black licorice colored tee features a fantastic screen print graphic of a brightly colored rocket ship styled owl. The outrageous colors will impress boys and make them fall in love with this great new tee.


Crayon Skinny Jeans by La Miniatura: skinny jeans are all the rage amongst boys today, so it is no wonder that La Miniatura ha scone out with some new outrageous styles for them. These Crayon Skinny Jeans feature bright and vivid colors that will impress everyone, especially your boys. Now available in Razz and Winter Blue hurry in and check them out!


Lion Hoodie by La Miniatura: this sun glow lion hoodie features a vintage lion screen print with the words “born free,” underneath. Now your boys can feel as free as the lion as he runs wild at the playground.