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Prefresh: 100% Magic!

This month we are excited to share some new looks from Prefresh. Prefresh is an incredible brand made by husband and wife duo J and T. They are based outside of Portland, Oregon and they are best known for creating 100% magic custom clothes for kids. Everything is one of a kind, just like your kids. Childhood is magical, free, and always exciting. So why shouldn’t the uniform be? Prefresh makes childhood even more fun.

This month we are excited to bring you some brand new tees and tanks from Prefresh. They are already available for purchase and are making a splash on Instagram and Facebook. Hurry in now to get them.

Prefresh Boys Toucan Shirt: this Aqua fade tee features a totally tweet Toucan. Buy Me Donuts seems to be this birds motto, after all, crackers are overrated. Your boys will love the irony, color, and the idea. After all, who doesn’t love donuts?

Prefresh: 100% Magic!
Prefresh Boys Magic Tee: 100% magic is exactly right. Childhood is magic, kids are magic, everyone is magic. This graphite tee is exactly what we should tell ourselves everyday. Live it up, 100% magic. Make it count people!

Prefresh: 100% Magic!

Prefresh Mr. Sun Tank: this yellow tanks with black edging is summer approved. It is comfortable, tagless, ready to beat the heat all summer long.

Prefresh: 100% Magic!


June Feature Outfit: Dogwood

Dogwood has some amazing boy’s outfits for summer. It can get hot during those long summer months, so of course most boys love to lounge around and play in clothes that are loose fitting and made of lighter material. Of course many of our boys also love an outfit that can do double duty. It is great when they can get dressed once in the morning and go straight to the park to skate and then head to a friend’s house to swim without ever changing their clothes. That’s why boys love swim trunks that double as board shorts, they are comfortable, easy to wear, easy to swim in, and dry quickly once they are out of the water, and Dogwood has some incredible looks featuring board shorts this summer. Here is a gRReat look that will keep those buccaneer s happy.

Atlantic Board Shorts by DogwoodAtlantic Board Shorts by Dogwood: These tan/stone colored board shorts feature an Atlantic United 1672 flag print on the front with a cross and bones pirate on the flag. It has a partial elastic waist for comfort and ease of wear and is 100% polyester, and it is made in the USA! Your boys will love these comfy and cool shorts and will enjoy showing them off and using them all summer long.

Beach Bum Bling Shirt By DogwoodBeach Bum Bling Shirt by Dogwood: Whether they are real beach bums or just pool bums they will love this great tee. This orange tee with its pirate theme will make them feel like they are true buccaneers looking for booty this summer as they hang with their pirate posse. Let them enjoy their time off this summer as they bum it up like true pirates around the pool or at the park.

City Threads: A Look at the Label

So what’s the 411 behind the great brand City Threads? Inquiring minds wanted to know so we found out a little more about one of The Boy’s Store’s favorite brands. We love this great brand with its incredibly soft and comfortable apparel, that’s why you can find some of their best underwear lines available at The Boy’s Store, and guess what? We discovered they are even better than we thought! 

The brand is the creation of  a Husband and Wife team. They have been making spectacular clothes for kids for the past 10 years! City Threads told us they want to “design clothes that we think and hope kids will love.”

City Threads started with small. It all began with the idea of putting names of cities on hoodies, tees, and hats. While they still do this their company is now so much more than just a few city names on tees, even if that was one of the inspirations behind their name, “our friend Aaron Cowan came up with the name and called us. We loved it!” Now 10 years later you can still order their city shirts but you can also find some incredible styles.

Their 6 year old son even gets in on the designs, so you know their designs are kid-friendly! You can find big sister/big brother shirts; little sister/little brother shirts, rock and roll inspired tees, retro food tees, and super hero tees. While most of their great gear targets boys they are currently incorporating more girls’ styles. So no matter whom you are buying for, boy or girl you can check them out for some great looks, incredible comfort, and fun themes!