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Santa Claus is Coming to Town: Santa Items

We love Santa Claus. There is something so magical about the idea it just gives me all the happy feelings. For as long as I can remember Santa Claus made me feel excited for the holiday season. The moment we would walk into a store and hear the song. The first Santa to appear n the neighbor’s yard decorations. The first sighting of Santa at the mall. Aand finally tracking him all night long Christmas Eve. it always brought me joy, happiness, and a strange feeling of safety. When you are a kid Santa is this magical phenomenon that brings joy to kids. As an adult, it is this reminder that you once were small and carefree and that you can be again even if it is just for one night.

I have made sure to teach my children the meaning of Christmas, but I also want them to understand the FEELING of Christmas. Part of what makes Santa the perfect symbol for Christmas is that like Jesus he doesn’t discriminate, and like Jesus, he wants to give a special gift of love and acceptance to each believer. That is why, in our house, we never shy away from Santa. In fact, he can be found in abundance all over our house during the holiday season.

My kids love to wear clothes, accessories and gather toys all involving the big red guy all month long. Now your kids can too. Check out all the Santa-centric items available at The Boy’s Store now.

Such as:

le top Baby Boys’ Santa’s Helper Elf Outfit: This little green elf outfit will make your little one look just like Santa’s helpers this holiday season. It is perfect for family photos and will bring back so many sweet memories as the years go by.

Santa items

Baby Boys’ Jolly Holiday Coverall by le top: You can dress your little one up just like Santa with this little coverall. Toss some cookies and milk into the picture too and make it look like your little one has just come down the chimney for an amazing and unforgettable photo-op.

Le top santa items

Boys Santa and Rudolph Crew Socks by Sublime Designs): Santa socks are an excellent stocking stuffer and will keep those toes toasty and themed all winter long!

Santa items - socks

Boys’ Dinosaur Santa Shirt by Mulberribush: Even the dinosaurs want to get in on this Santa game. This shirt is perfect for the dino lover that just wants to be a part of the celebrations this year.

mulberribush santa items

Boys’ Fightin’ Elves Shirt by Wes and Willy: Even Santa has a favorite team, his elves never lose! This football shirt will put you on team Santa!

wes and willy santa items

Sports Illustrated for Kids: NFL Rush

Do you have a huge sports-fan in your house? Is football season akin to Christmas time to your boys? Well if so you need to head over to Sports Illustrated for Kids and checkout this incredible contest.

NFL Rush Fantasy 2015 gives kids ages 6-12 the opportunity to win a trip to the Probowl in January 2016. Kids could win a great Weekly Prize of an XBOX One and a copy of Madden NFL 16 or even the Grand Prize of a $5,000 scholarship and a trip to the 2016 Pro Bowl. Kids must have parental consent to participate, but if their team wins they can win one of the many cool prizes being offered.
Sports Illustrated for Kids

Fantasy Football is a long standing tradition amongst football fans. Fans get to draft their own teams from their favorite NFL players, and they will compete (in the fantasy world) with other teams. SI Kids allows the kids to create their fantasy teams in a safe environment and will cultivate injuries, by-weeks, and game schedules for the kids teams to experience all season long.

Your kids can enter up until January 3, 2016. But the longer the team competes against other teams the better the chances are to gain incredible prizes. So if you and your kids want to give fantasy football a shot, and try to win incredible prizes, head on over to Sports Illustrated for Kids now to begin playing!

Tabletop Football Craft

tabletop football

It is September and that means football season is back. Boys love sports, and football is one of those great physical sports that lets them run and get rough n’ tumble outdoors. But have your kids ever considered playing football indoors? No we are not suggesting a large ball sailing through your nice house. How about a small paper football sailing across your table? That’s right we are bringing back the good ol’ fashioned game of paper football. People have been playing paper football for years, but chances are your young boys have not heard of it, if they have hey it is still a swell craft and fun game to reintroduce them to.

What is great about tabletop football is that it is not dangerous, and you can play it inside in case your outdoor game has been called on account of rain. It can be played with friends or by yourself if your little guy has some downtime. It is a fun game that can cure your everyday boredom and the best part is that it doesn’t take overmuch in the way of skill. Anyone can play and have a good time. So this month why not introduce your boys, or girls, to a great game of tabletop football.

What You Will Need:

Sheet of paper

What You Will Do:

1. Pre-game preparation: Head over to Wikihow to get a step-by-step diagram with instructions on making the perfect paper football. Then grab some opponents and a suitable tabletop, it may be easier with a square or rectangular table than round, oval will work as well.

2. Next decide how many points you want to play to, you may want to start small while you get started, say 35. Then flip a coin, the winner of the coin toss can choose to “flick off” or to receive.

3. The flicker will then flick the ball towards his opponent. The receiving player then has four flicks — or downs — to slide the ball so that part of it, even a fraction, overhangs the table edge. Touchdown!

4. If the football falls off the table it is considered out of bounds and the defensive player takes possession. If it stops short of the end zone on the 4th flick, the defense takes over where the ball came to rest.

5. After a touchdown (worth six points), the scoring player gets to try for the extra point by flicking the ball from his end zone through his opponent’s goalposts.

6. If a player flicks the ball off the table three times then the defending player can attempt a 3-point field goal by flicking the ball through the goalposts.

Now go get that paper football and start a game, if you’re good you may just make it to the paper bowl!