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Thanksgiving Games and Fun

Who says that Thanksgiving is all about the food? This year we want to help you make it all about the fun and all about Thanksgiving games. This year lets make it about making memories with our loved ones, laughing at their jokes, delighting in their company, and soaking up the silliness.

Britni at Play, Party, Plan has some fabulous and funny Thanksgiving games that will get everyone at your thanksgiving table up and ready to play. From fun games, to silly moves everyone will be in stitches this year as they laugh themselves silly. Why not have some fun with the people at Thanksgiving? After all, you probably only see one another once or twice a year. How do you want to spend it? Sitting across from the table staring at one another? Or dancing around like a turkey and having fun? Britni has outlined several fun games that will have even the most boring family members laughing and letting loose. So try and have a little fun this year, you just might enjoy yourself!

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Thanksgiving Game Ideas


Outdoor Activities: Water Balloon Basketball

Let’s play some water balloon basketball

Summer is quickly coming to an end, but we aren’t done having a ball! Outdoor fun is still quite the hot topic. So we want to help you find one more fun summer game to little away those last hot summer days of fun. This fun water themed ball game will keep your boys cool, comfortable, and crazy for the last of their summer break.

Water balloon basketball

Allison at Learn Play Imagine has an incredibly fun yet simple game that will wow your boys. Water Balloon Basketball. This wet and wild game will knock their socks off. Just head on over to Learn Play Imagine to get the rules of the game. While you are there check out some of Allison’s other awesome game and activity ideas! You won’t be disappointed!

Don’t forget the sunblock for this fun game! You want to stay safe when you are out enjoying your fun in the sun! Check out The Boy’s Store for some great accessories and swimsuits if you need something new!


Pokemon Go: Pokemon Playing Tips

Have your boys become sucked in to the latest Pokemon craze Pokemon Go? Pokemon is a long standing love of little boys (and girls) everywhere. Many parents have even begun to play along, wisking themselves back to their own childhoods with the old and familiar characters. Pokemon Go has become such a fun activity to share with your family. However it has become very popular very quickly and there have been some incidents of people not paying attention when playing. So we have come up with a few rules to make it easier and safer to play.


  1. Be aware of your surroundings!! DO not let the fun world of make-believe keep you from paying attention to the world around you. Follow the rules of the road and community when playing. Use this time to teach your kids about safety. Look both ways before crossing a street. Do not cross when you do not have a signal telling you it is safe to do so.
  2. DO not go in to a place you do not know, or that looks unsafe or isolated. Stay clear of condemned buildings, gated areas, and wooded or isolated areas.
  3. Stay off of private property.
  4. Do not wander farther than your parents would want you to go.
  5. DO not walk staring at your phone. Look up, be aware of the people and places around you.

We want you and your family to have fun and enjoy your time playing this fun new game, but we always want you to do it safely. So be on the lookout, watch, and listen, and most of all, have fun!