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Books about Presidents

Our kids do a lot of learning outside of the classroom. One of the ways they learn is by reading. Reading is one of the fun ways to learn new things. Especially when you read non-fiction. Non-fiction books do not have to be boring, they can actually be really fun. When you are learning new, interesting, and fun things about someone that you already know something about you become more excited about that person, and about learning. That is why we are suggesting some fun nonfiction books this month. The President of the United States is someone new every 4 or 8 years. We know all of their names. We even know a little bit about some of the more popular ones. But do we know anything fun or personal about them? By learning something fun and personal about them we can learn more about them as individuals.

Here are three of our favorites:

Master George’s People: George Washington, His Slaves, and His Revolutionary Transformation: This fun book about our first President, George Washington, covers a wide range of background on the man who led our country in one of its most important moments. It tells about him as he was during his Presidency, and just before his presidency, and just after it. It really opens up about his slaves, his involvement in the war, and creating our nation. This is a book for grades 5-8th.

books about presidents

Teedie: The Story of Young Teddy RooseveltThis book follows Theodore Roosevelt and discusses him as a child. Follow along and learn about the great bull moose president’s early years and how they shaped him to lead a country.

Books about presidents - Theodore Roosevelt

Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of HopeThis book allows kids to learn more about our most recent president. President Obama was probably the first president many of our kids had experience with. Now they can learn more about him as a child, the way he grew up, and how he became the man at the helm of change.

books about presidents - Barack Obama

Boys Books for the Holidays: Christmas in America

This year has been a very busy year. Our kids have witnessed some pretty spectacular events in the history of this country, and a pretty crazy election. No matter what you or your family believe in, or who you voted for, you may have noticed a reaction in your kids. It is the result of such a wide array of media involvement.

No matter where kids are, or how old they are, they see what is happening. It can be difficult to help them understand it all, and feel comfortable with it all. But it can be done. We just need to start at their level and let them see how the world really works without all of that added chaos and drama. This fun and educational book Christmas in America follow Ellis the elephant, a little elephant written by Callista Gingrich that shows kids the pivotal moments in American History.

Christmas in America

Christmas in America shows Ellis traveling throughout important moments in history where he witnesses Martha and George Washington, Andrew Jackson, the Apollo 8 mission, and much more. Ellis shows readers what happens in history, how the colonies were formed, how George Washington becomes our first President, and how the holidays are celebrated during this time.

This seems like such a simple book, but it really helps kids to see the good side of America. It shows them a simpler and more realistic image of what goes on in The White House and in history. Christmas in America is the fifth book in the Ellis the Elephant series and each book teaches incredible historical facts perfect for little kids wanting to understand it all. Check out the holiday installment now and you just might add a new book to your holiday reading list.