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Candy Cane Reindeer: Christmas DIY Fun

Now that the kids are going to be done with school for the holidays you may be getting ready for holiday parties at school or with an extra-curricular your kids attend. This can mean you have to bring a goodie bag, a potluck dish, or a present. I always find it is best to go cute but simple. This year that is exactly what I am doing.

Candy Cane Reindeer

These are so simple, so cute. They can be eaten or played with, and kids think they are so much fun to help create. I have put my little elves to work and have them helping me create these beauties this year since it is their friends and classmates that will be receiving them. I found this fun tutorial from One Little Project. It has simple and straightforward pictures that make it easy for my kids to help me with the craft. I love when crafts are simple. After all, it is the thought that counts, and the effort that went into creating something, not how difficult it was to make it.

Candy cane reindeer

What are some of your favorite holiday items to gift to kids, friends, coworkers, neighbors, or teammates?

Christmas Ornaments: Build Your Own!

Do your boys love legos? If so come really close, be very quiet, and don’t let anyone see your computer screen for the next few moments.

If you need some new ideas for gifting fun holiday items this season, look no further. We have found lego Christmas ornaments. Your boys will love building their own Christmas decorations and hanging them from the tree. Chris McVeigh has dozens of fun Christmas ornaments that are going to make your boys gas this year when they open their presents. Each kit comes complete with directions and a kit to hang the ornament from the tree. You can choose from their many different series including Geek, Gingerbread and More, Plate series, and Christmas Trees.

Gingerbread house christmas ornaments santa place card christmas ornaments tree christmas ornaments





Your boys will love interacting with their new toy/Christmas decoration, and it will be fun for the whole family. The incredibly cool part is once the holidays are over you can disassemble it and pack it away for next year. Unlike most ornaments that need to be protected while packed away this will be perfectly safe. And unlike most gingerbread houses which need to be eaten or thrown away. At the end of the holiday this one can be kept and enjoyed for years to come!

Check out Chris McVeigh and his incredibly cool building kits now. It is the gift that will build memories for years.

BabyMio: Baby Gift

Spring is here and that usually means that baby showers are happening. While babies are born all year long, they seem to be more prevalent during the spring. It must be that most moms do not want to be pregnant during those long hot summer months. Just me? Well, if you have ever been pregnant in 100 degree heat you would wish for a spring baby too. Babymio is an excellent brand that creates fun and adorable baby items, the perfect gift for that baby shower you have coming up.

Babymio offers fun gifts like blankets, toys, and bibs that will keep baby soothed, covered, and happy. Which usually keeps mommy soothed, covered, and happy! And after all, if mom is happy, everyone is happy.

Giraffe Bib by Babymio: This fun little bib features a small baby giraffe on the left hand side of the bib. Covered in animal print, this bib is wild with cuteness.

BabyMio baby gift 1

Monkey Bib by Babymio: who doesn’t like to monkey around? This sweet bib features a small monkey and is covered in soft fuzzy texture. Baby and mommy will love the softness.

BabyMio baby gift 2

Giraffe Tag-a-long Blanket by Babymio: Tag-a-long blankets seem to be incredibly popular now. Babies love the softness and the adorable little animals, in this case a giraffe, because they make it easier to hold and play with. Moms love that they are easy to pack and take anywhere.

BabyMio baby gift 3

Monkey Tag-a-long Blanket by Babymio: The perfect gift for a baby shower, add it to the bib and gift the perfect gift-set. Monkey plush is the new black!

BabyMio baby gift 4