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DIY Paint: Scratch and Sniff Paint

Now that the weather is warming up the yards are looking much more beautiful, and the little in-home artists we always seem to forget we employ are looking to get their paint on. If you are like me and you don’t always have paint on hand (it goes bad when I do so why keep it forever?) then you just might want to look in to trying this fun tutorial. Not only can you and your kids make paint, you can make paint that is scratch and sniff. Now once your paint dries you can enjoy how it looks, and how it smells.

I cannot take credit for this amazing idea. But I can take credit for finding it. Growing a Jeweled Rose is an amazing website with all sorts of activities aimed at entertaining and educating kids. This fun and unique tutorial will also you to actually create scratch and sniff paint that can be used to paint the most beautiful picture. It is even non-toxic and completely edible, so if like me you have a small toddler looking to get in on the fun it is “ok” when he very suddenly sticks the whole paintbrush in his mouth.

scratch and sniff paint

Head on over to Growing a Jeweled Rose now and see their full tutorial. While you are there you should check out some of their other incredible tutorials. You and our kids just might find some activities to keep you busy this Spring Break.

Science in a Jar: Snow Storm!

There is a big winter storm hitting the western United States this week. Many places like California and Nevada are getting snow and hail storms that are usually not common in those areas. The high deserts are bracing for the cold so not many are venturing outside. That is why we want to share some incredible at home science that will let your boys experience and learn about snowstorms from inside where it is warm and cozy.

We found this incredibly fun science experiment from Growing a Jeweled Rose a fun blog written by mom and children specialist Crystal. Crystal loves to share fun activities and crafts that not only are amusing and fun for kids but also teach them. Thanks to Crystal we have a fun and educational snowstorm in a jar to help teach our kids about snow.

Snow storm in a jar

What You Will Need:

A jar or similar container
Baby oil
White paint
Iridescent glitter
Alka Seltzer

To find out exactly how to create this snowstorm in a jar hurry over to Growing a Jeweled Rose for the tutorial and pictures.

Need some information on snowstorms to help teach your kids about how they form? Check out our snowstorm checklist.

How does snow form?

1. Snow forms when water undergoes deposition. Deposition is when water vapor turns in to ice without becoming a liquid first. This happens at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Snowflakes are six-sided snow crystals made up of almost 200 ice crystals.
3. Snow is white because it reflects the color of light.
4. Blizzards are long-lasting snowstorms that have intense wind and snowfall. A blizzard needs 3 things: cold air at the surface, moisture, and lift.