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Best Books: Halloween

Do you have an early reader at home? One of the best series for learning to read, or improving the skills of a new reader is the Pete the Cat books. not only are they easy-to-read for new readers but they are fun and contain themes that are understandable for early readers.

This month we want to highlight the Halloween Pete the Cat. Pete the Cat: Trick or Treat is a fun book for early readers to read alone this holiday or to an older or younger sibling. Younger siblings will also love the fun flaps that surprise the reader with hidden illustrations. Readers can follow Pete as he experiences all the fun of Halloween. It even helps younger kids to understand the spooky elements of Halloween and see it as the fun and surprise that it is meant to be for small children.

This fun early reader book is great for that younger child this Halloween. If you are a fan of Pete the Cat it is a great addition to a growing collection!

Best Boy Books: Goodnight Goon!

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, well if that is true Margaret Wise Brown should be flattered indeed. This sweet parody of Goodnight Moon, aptly titled Goodnight Goon, is the perfect little parody to read with the kids this month. Goodnight Goon¬†follows the well-known plot of the little bunny that just won’t go to bed until he says goodnight to the whole house, only now we are privy to the inside of this not-so-sleepy goon’s house. If you have ever wondered what goons ¬†keep in their house, this is the book for you. “Good night skull, goodnight/ and goodnight shoe/ goodnight creature/ and goodnight goo.”

Goodnight goon

You and your little ones will laugh and giggle as this little goon tries to avoid sleep until the very end. Saying goodnight to everything and everyone in order to prolong his sentence to bed. This melodic poem is sweet, funny, and perfect for Halloween. Add it to your collection this month and read it every trick-or-treat season as a new tradition. Excellent for any age, but is perfect for preschool age. Let’s admit it, it is fun and funny for any age as a sweet little read for Halloween. There is no age limit on laughing. Or prolonging bedtime.

Best Boy Books: Halloween

IMG_0819.JPGHalloween is sneaking up on us and it is time to get in the mood for some spooky days and nights this October. Do your boys love to get excited about Halloween. Do the sounds of creaking doors, the silvery vision of ghosts, and the sharp fangs of vampires excite your boy into a Halloween candy filled frenzy? Then he needs to get a copy of this fun, spooky, and creepy book, Halloween by Melanie Jackson.

Halloween is James Henderson’s favorite holiday. He loves to be frightened, scared, and terrified. Halloween has always been his favorite holiday, but the scariest Halloween he can ever remember happened when he was only 10 years old. What started out with your normal Halloween happenings, candy, tricks, treats, and friends having fun quickly turned into a Halloween that he would never forget. All he wanted was to collect the most candy he had ever collected. So he set about making a plan with his two best friends and his kid brother Ricky. They were all set to have the best Halloween ever, but instead of a routine Halloween full of candy and sugar rushes they were met by the greatest, and scariest adventure they could have ever imagined.

Now your boys can follow along on June creepiest adventure too. This great book is perfect for Halloween. While it is creepy and thrilling it doesn’t feature a lot of gore. It is the perfect book for younger readers ages 8-14. It would even make a great read aloud book to share as a family in the nights leading up to Halloween. It is sure to get you in the mood for a fun and spooky Halloween night.

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