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Fanta Floats: Halloween Treats

Part of Halloween is enjoying the little things, decorations, fall weather, time together, a good scare, and a sweet treat. This sweet treat is perfect for a family night. You can lay back and enjoy a fun or spooky flick and enjoy a sweet Fanta Float Halloween treat.

We found this sweet idea at Belle of the Kitchen. Ashlyn knows how to make a fun and yummy sweet treat. Head on over to  Belle of the Kitchen for the full recipe.

Fanta float

We paid it with some fun popcorn mixed with candy corn while we enjoyed a fantastic family flick, Hocus Pocus. In our family we have movies that make us feel that the season is actually here and we are ready to enjoy it, and for Halloween that movie is Hocus Pocus. If you haven’t seen it you should check it out. Its a great family film that isn’t too scary for the little kids, and is still fun enough for the older kids. Its a family favorite for us and we cannot imagine Halloween without it. It reminds my husband and I of our childhood, and every year it is so much fun to share it with our kids. Now I know how my parents felt sharing A Charlie Brown Christmas with us. Enjoy your traditions folks, and may they last forever!

Best Boy Books: Goodnight Goon!

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, well if that is true Margaret Wise Brown should be flattered indeed. This sweet parody of Goodnight Moon, aptly titled Goodnight Goon, is the perfect little parody to read with the kids this month. Goodnight Goon follows the well-known plot of the little bunny that just won’t go to bed until he says goodnight to the whole house, only now we are privy to the inside of this not-so-sleepy goon’s house. If you have ever wondered what goons  keep in their house, this is the book for you. “Good night skull, goodnight/ and goodnight shoe/ goodnight creature/ and goodnight goo.”

Goodnight goon

You and your little ones will laugh and giggle as this little goon tries to avoid sleep until the very end. Saying goodnight to everything and everyone in order to prolong his sentence to bed. This melodic poem is sweet, funny, and perfect for Halloween. Add it to your collection this month and read it every trick-or-treat season as a new tradition. Excellent for any age, but is perfect for preschool age. Let’s admit it, it is fun and funny for any age as a sweet little read for Halloween. There is no age limit on laughing. Or prolonging bedtime.

Halloween Crafts: Recycle and Scare!


Kids love halloween. It is impossible not to fall in love with a holiday that allows you to be anything you want, scare a few friends, and eat candy. So of course it is a kid favorite. However it can get a little expensive to decorate, especially with so many adorable spooky accessories out there. But now you do not have to pay an arm and a leg to get those spooktacular decorations, and you have a built in way to entertain your own little gremlin for the day. Simply make your own delightful decorations. Now you and your little gremlin can create spooky monsters to line the driveway Halloween night and even light the way for fellow trick or treaters.
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