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Halloween treats: Muddy Buddies!

Muddy Buddies are one of those treats that can be made for any occasion. It is simple, sweet, and can be dressed up!

This fun muddy buddies recipe was discovered by A Pumpkin and  a Princess. It features some incredible Halloween treats that will wow at your next spooky party, or can be handed out as treats at a party or for an after sports Halloween treat!

You do not have to be super impressive in the kitchen, or even incredibly crafty to create this sweet treat. That may be why it is one of my favorites for this time of year. We aren’t all super great at being that Pinterest mom, lets face it — some of us are just Prime moms. This recipe is a no-fail recipe. Thanks to A Pumpkin and  a Princess you can look like you have it all together even when you are just barely holding on this Halloween.

Be sure to check out A Pumpkin and  a Princess for some other great and simple ideas for everyday recipes and crafts while you are getting the low-down on how to create this munchies masterpiece.

Oreo Nutella Witch Hat Cookies: Halloween Goodies

IMG_0834.JPGHalloween is a fun and sweet holiday. It’s all about laughter, fun, make believe, and sweet treats. We don’t eat a lot of sweet treats in our house so Halloween is a special event where we get to have some great cookies, cakes, and candy that we usually don’t allow our children. We don’t quite let them go hog wild, but when we attend a party they are allowed to sample a little of everything, we just make sure to eat a good meal before we head out to the party. This year it is our turn to host and we are looking forward to making some delicious sweet treats for all of our friends. I like to find new and unique things to try that our friends have probably never samples before, so I was excited when I ran across this fun new recipe at See Vanessa Craft.

Vanessa is a crafter, baker, blogger, and toddler Mommy. She knows good treats. Her tutorial on Oreo Nutella Witch Hat Cookies almost made me swoon. It requires no baking, just some chocolate spreading, sprinkling, and drying. Simple, straight forward, and delicious! Vanessa knows her way around great crafts and baked goods and if you spend more than five minutes on here page you will find more than a dozen new ideas you can’t wait to try. I had to restrain myself and only pay attention to the tutorial for the cookies otherwise I would have never left the website. If you want to find other great ideas head on over to See Vanessa Craft now.

These cookies are so adorable and sweet it is almost impossible to only use them one time a year, but I am not so sure witch hats will be popular outside of October. So I will try to only make them once, but if they taste as good as I think they will it will be incredibly hard to restrain myself. Combining Oreos and Nutella may just be my personal heaven in a cookie. So let’s check out what we need to get started:

What You Will Need:

Black Chocolate Melts
Orange & Black Nonpareils
Parchment Paper
Floral Foam

Now just head on over to See Vanessa Craft and follow her easy instructions. Her pictures make it a little simpler to follow and soon you will be serving up some sweet witches hats. Just remember to try and eat them in moderation, I will try too!

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