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Save the Pumpkin: Pumpkin Preserving DIY!

We all love to carve a pumpkin at Halloween. But they go bad so quickly! We have resorted to painting them in years past but now the kids are older and they are demanding a carving session. I love a carved pumpkin. They are so sweet to light and enjoy during the nights leading to Halloween, and they make a house look ready on Halloween night. I hate to see them rot. So this year we are researching ideas to keep them from rotting too soon.

I found several ideas and asked several friends what has worked best for them in the past. And I have come to the conclusion that nothing is perfect, but there are several ways to keep the rotting from happening too soon.

We have gathered a couple of ideas for you to try out. We hope that this helps you to enjoy some of your favorite carved pumpkins this fall. And learn a new technique for pumpkin preserving.

preserving pumpkins pumpkin preserving technique

Best Boy Books: Halloween

IMG_0819.JPGHalloween is sneaking up on us and it is time to get in the mood for some spooky days and nights this October. Do your boys love to get excited about Halloween. Do the sounds of creaking doors, the silvery vision of ghosts, and the sharp fangs of vampires excite your boy into a Halloween candy filled frenzy? Then he needs to get a copy of this fun, spooky, and creepy book, Halloween by Melanie Jackson.

Halloween is James Henderson’s favorite holiday. He loves to be frightened, scared, and terrified. Halloween has always been his favorite holiday, but the scariest Halloween he can ever remember happened when he was only 10 years old. What started out with your normal Halloween happenings, candy, tricks, treats, and friends having fun quickly turned into a Halloween that he would never forget. All he wanted was to collect the most candy he had ever collected. So he set about making a plan with his two best friends and his kid brother Ricky. They were all set to have the best Halloween ever, but instead of a routine Halloween full of candy and sugar rushes they were met by the greatest, and scariest adventure they could have ever imagined.

Now your boys can follow along on June creepiest adventure too. This great book is perfect for Halloween. While it is creepy and thrilling it doesn’t feature a lot of gore. It is the perfect book for younger readers ages 8-14. It would even make a great read aloud book to share as a family in the nights leading up to Halloween. It is sure to get you in the mood for a fun and spooky Halloween night.

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