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Halloween Crafts: Spider Webs!

Halloween is such a  fun time of year. Everyone gets to become a little kid again, and be silly, goofy, and let loose. It is a great time of year to get down and play with your kids and be creative. When the age gap seems to be smaller and both parent and kid are able to just be together and have fun both are open to talking more and letting the other in. The perfect way to open up a more open interaction with your kid is to get busy and have fun. This fun spider craft will keep their hands busy, and their mouths and hearts ready to open up and share what is going on in their lives. So get busy crafting and playing so that you can get busy learning more about your kids. Thank you to Parents magazine for such a fun craft idea!

Halloween crafts spider webs

What You Will Need:

Popsicle sticks

white yarn

toy spiders


silver paint

paint brush


What You will do:

  1. Paint three craft sticks silver and let them dry.
  2. Glue them together at the center, forming an asterisk shape.
  3. Tie one end of a length of yarn (we used about 2 yards for one web) to the center of the sticks.
  4. Wrap it around the other spokes, then move outward, wrapping the sticks as shown.
  5. Tie off the yarn and add a plastic spider.

Hang and enjoy all season long!

The Best Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween is a time to have fun and be a little crazy. That can mean dressing up as your favorite character, becoming a monster, ghost, or goon, or eating a LOT of goodies. Goodies come in all shapes and sizes during October. Candy is a huge deal, but have you ever tried cupcakes? Now cupcakes can be difficult to handout to trick-or-treaters, so we are not suggesting that. However, if you plan a Halloween party every year, hand out treats at school, or just enjoy a treat at home with your kids cupcakes are the perfect treat medium.

Heather at Chickabug, has a list of the 30 cutest cupcakes for Halloween. From ghosts and bats to zombie brains and pumpkins the list goes on and on. Cupcakes can be more than just a great treat, they can be art. Some of the cupcakes highlighted at Chickabug are indeed art. They feature incredible colors, pieces of candy, and details that almost make us not want to eat them they are so incredibly cool looking. We did say almost, after all, they are cake.

Best Halloween Cupcakes

If you are planning to create some incredibly cool works of art for stuffing your face with this Halloween we highly suggest checking out the list of 30 great cupcakes from Chickabug. They all look so incredibly cool, we do not know how you will choose only one. We are definitely interested in the Chocolate bat Cupcakes. Anything that has that much chocolate has got to be good, and the bats will definitely impress my kids. Enjoy your treats!

Last but not least

Be sure to check out Heather’s other great blogs when you are at Chickabug!

Best Boy Books: Goodnight Goon!

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, well if that is true Margaret Wise Brown should be flattered indeed. This sweet parody of Goodnight Moon, aptly titled Goodnight Goon, is the perfect little parody to read with the kids this month. Goodnight Goon follows the well-known plot of the little bunny that just won’t go to bed until he says goodnight to the whole house, only now we are privy to the inside of this not-so-sleepy goon’s house. If you have ever wondered what goons  keep in their house, this is the book for you. “Good night skull, goodnight/ and goodnight shoe/ goodnight creature/ and goodnight goo.”

Goodnight goon

You and your little ones will laugh and giggle as this little goon tries to avoid sleep until the very end. Saying goodnight to everything and everyone in order to prolong his sentence to bed. This melodic poem is sweet, funny, and perfect for Halloween. Add it to your collection this month and read it every trick-or-treat season as a new tradition. Excellent for any age, but is perfect for preschool age. Let’s admit it, it is fun and funny for any age as a sweet little read for Halloween. There is no age limit on laughing. Or prolonging bedtime.