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Holiday Style: Dress Shirts

The Holiday’s are already taking over most of our daily thoughts, at least it cannot only be me. I have been thinking about family photos, ideas for presents, what the kids need, versus what they want. I feel as if it has already taken over my mind. I know that we want to do family photos. So I have already been looking for items that will look good in photos. Thankfully, The Boy’s Store always has some excellent items available, and many at a very reasonable price!

Boys’ Plaid Dress Shirt by Hartstrings: This blue plaid shirt is perfect for family photos. It looks great with the colors blue, black, white, blue jeans, or khaki. So you can dress up your family photos or dress them down with jeans and coordinating colors!

Boys’ Plaid Button Up Shirt by Sovereign Code: This red, black and grey shirt features elbow patches in plaid. It has a warm and cozy style to it with just a dash of modern sophistication with the grey sleeves and plaid elbow patches. It would make an excellent choice for a cozy or sophisticated themed family photo.

Boys Plaid Shirt with Tie by Noruk: this adorable shirt comes with the black tie and just screams Christmas. The red, black, and white plaid are reminiscent of  classic Christmas style. It will look great in a staged family Christmas pose of the whole family.

Back-to-School Guide: 18 Pieces to Mix and Match

Have you seen our style guide? One of the reasons that we created The Boy’s Store was to bring awesome style to the boys of the world. Mainly the boys in YOUR world.

We know that boy style seems to be forgotten in the midst of shopping. Boys love to look good just like their girl counterparts, but they may not always have the choices that girls have.

The Boy’s Store seeks to change that with new style options every day. This back-to-school season you can find so many different styles for your boys. Style can mean different things to different people. So finding items that can be mixed and matched is a huge help.

This mix and match style hack is perfect for boys heading back to school. Check out how easily these 18 pieces flow together, separately, and with other items. Our style blog adds new items all the time. Your boys will love the ideas and ensembles that are highlighted so be sure to check it out.

Right now you can find many of these items in our store. So go check them out now!

18 pieces to mix and match

April Showers: Bring Rain Coats!!

It is April! If you don’t remember the nursery rhyme “April showers bring May flowers,” than you may want to stock up on some rain gear now. You know spring has been a little wonky this year. The west coast is sweltering in the heat, the east coast is freezing and experiencing rain and snow storms, and the rest of the country is somewhere in between! So while we cannot guarantee the weather will be perfect this spring, we can guarantee some great new raincoats that will make your spring a little easier and more stylish!

Pluie Pluie Blue and Yellow Raincoats: these new rain slickers are incredibly stylish. Available in yellow or blue they scream spring. The feature striped jersey lining that will be soft and comfortable even when the rain is pelting. Ready to ship in 24-48 hours. Hurry in now to get one of these awesome new jackets.

Whippette Fireman Rain Coat: this black and yellow slicker is a miniature copy of a fireman’s coat. Your little boys will love feeling like they are heroes just like the great firemen of the world when they wear this great rain coat this spring.

Hartstrings Sports Rain Coat: a blue rain slicker featuring all of our boys favorite sports; basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls, and footballs. This coat screams boy. It is comfortable, and will definitely impress. You can say Hartstrings hit this one out of the park!



Kitestrings Frog Rain Coat: this multicolored green and yellow raincoat is made for rain. Just like  real frogs this coat will hop though rain without any issue. If your little boy loves his little green critters, and loves hopping in rain puddles, he may just love this great green coat.