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Best Books: Her Right Foot

The Statue of Liberty has been an icon to the American people for centuries. We all know her history, she was a gift from the French and she stands tall in New York City. But do we know her story?

Dave Eggers introduces the story of the Statue of Liberty in this tongue-in-cheek tale, Her Right Foot. Eggers brings the Statue to life and with pieces from her history shapes a story of her background giving us all a little taste of what it truly means to be American.

Her Right Foot

Lady Liberty has been a symbol to American’s for centuries. She has greeted immigrants from the sea. American’s and other visitors from around the world have traveled to visit this distinguished lady in her home on the small island near New York. She has been there to greet everyone since she was placed there so long ago. But now we can hear her own story, how she came to be here, who she is, and why she is there to greet all who come to see her.

Her right foot is a poignant tale that will open up a world of topics to your kids. Why did our country form? Why is America so unique and so special? Where do we come from? When did our family come to America? Use this fun story to teach a little about the history of America, Lady Liberty, and your own family.

Best Boy Books in Historical Fiction: The Great Trouble

Does your son dream in black and white? Does he look for danger and mystery in everything he sees? You may have the next great detective on your hands. If your son is interested in mystery novels then this novel is a great choice.  The Great Trouble: A Mystery of London, the Blue Death, and a Boy Called Eel by Deborah Hopkinson brings together mystery and history. It is an excellent way to not only keep your kids interested in reading, but also keeping them interested in reading and learning. 

Set in London in 1854 the book follows Eel, an orphan, and a “mudlark” he searches the river Thames everyday for things to sell so he can afford food. Like most vagrants he is constantly on the watch for a quick shilling, something to eat, and to steer clear of other vagrants. Fisheye Bill Tyler is the nastiest vagrant there is, and he is after Eel. Eel must do everything he can to keep safe, which becomes increasingly harder in August when Cholera comes to Broad Street. It is spreading quick, but Dr John Snow has a theory that can help to stop it. Eel and his best friend Florrie are trying to help Dr. Snow. This fun and intriguing tale of mystery and history will keep your boys turning pages as fast as they can.

The great trouble

Now your son can learn about the past while keeping his brain thinking fast and quenching his thirst for a great mystery. Check it out now at your local library or find it in stores. You and your boys will not be disappointed.


Boys Books for the Holidays: Christmas in America

This year has been a very busy year. Our kids have witnessed some pretty spectacular events in the history of this country, and a pretty crazy election. No matter what you or your family believe in, or who you voted for, you may have noticed a reaction in your kids. It is the result of such a wide array of media involvement.

No matter where kids are, or how old they are, they see what is happening. It can be difficult to help them understand it all, and feel comfortable with it all. But it can be done. We just need to start at their level and let them see how the world really works without all of that added chaos and drama. This fun and educational book Christmas in America follow Ellis the elephant, a little elephant written by Callista Gingrich that shows kids the pivotal moments in American History.

Christmas in America

Christmas in America shows Ellis traveling throughout important moments in history where he witnesses Martha and George Washington, Andrew Jackson, the Apollo 8 mission, and much more. Ellis shows readers what happens in history, how the colonies were formed, how George Washington becomes our first President, and how the holidays are celebrated during this time.

This seems like such a simple book, but it really helps kids to see the good side of America. It shows them a simpler and more realistic image of what goes on in The White House and in history. Christmas in America is the fifth book in the Ellis the Elephant series and each book teaches incredible historical facts perfect for little kids wanting to understand it all. Check out the holiday installment now and you just might add a new book to your holiday reading list.