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Christmas Ornaments: Build Your Own!

Do your boys love legos? If so come really close, be very quiet, and don’t let anyone see your computer screen for the next few moments.

If you need some new ideas for gifting fun holiday items this season, look no further. We have found lego Christmas ornaments. Your boys will love building their own Christmas decorations and hanging them from the tree. Chris McVeigh has dozens of fun Christmas ornaments that are going to make your boys gas this year when they open their presents. Each kit comes complete with directions and a kit to hang the ornament from the tree. You can choose from their many different series including Geek, Gingerbread and More, Plate series, and Christmas Trees.

Gingerbread house christmas ornaments santa place card christmas ornaments tree christmas ornaments





Your boys will love interacting with their new toy/Christmas decoration, and it will be fun for the whole family. The incredibly cool part is once the holidays are over you can disassemble it and pack it away for next year. Unlike most ornaments that need to be protected while packed away this will be perfectly safe. And unlike most gingerbread houses which need to be eaten or thrown away. At the end of the holiday this one can be kept and enjoyed for years to come!

Check out Chris McVeigh and his incredibly cool building kits now. It is the gift that will build memories for years.

Winter Craft: Star Wars Snowflakes!

Star Wars Snowflakes

Star Wars and The Clone Wars are huge with the little men in this family. So I was very excited to see this incredible craft idea while surfing the web this month. I couldn’t wait to share them with all of you. If Star Wars is half as popular in your family you too will be excited to try this incredible fun new craft that is perfect for the boys this winter.

While searching for some boy-centric winter crafts I stumbled upon a great blog written by two incredible crafters, Jessica and Mandy. Jessica and Mandy are two very good friends that love to craft. Together they started Little Birdie Secrets, a blog that focuses on all the great crafts they do together and with their kids, friends, and family. Their projects range from paper crafts to sewing. But the craft they feature about Star Wars Snowflakes!

In winter time, especially near The holidays, kids have been known to make homemade holiday decorations. Typically these include paper wreaths, paper chains, and paper snowflakes. Paper snowflakes are sometimes tricky, but usually turn out really beautiful. This year why not make the perfect Star Wars Snowflake with your boys. With some paper, scissors, and a little help from a couple of Little Birdies and The Boy’s Store!

To look at some amazing step-by-step instructions complete with awesome pictures, check out Little Birdie Secrets now for the complete tutorial.

What You Will Need:

  • Papers
  • Scissors
  • Access to a computer
  • Exacto knife (parental help is needed!)