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Baby’s First Christmas

Do you have a beautiful bouncy baby boy this holiday season? Why not commemorate it with a great new holiday outfit? Right now you can find a Baby’s First Christmas outfit at The Boy’s Store. You will love the adorable outfit and be able to take beautiful pictures of your son’s first Christmas. For years you will remember how adorable and little your precious baby looked that very first Christmas.

The years go by so very quickly so it is nice to keep little mementos of those special days. Holiday outfits, especially first outfits, can make excellent gifts or even family treasures to hand down to each child and eventually the next generation. From your very first baby all the way to your very last you can see how sweet and happy they each look on that very special first Christmas.

Baby’s First Christmas Velour Playsuit by Kissy Kissy: this velour Playsuit features an embroidered sleeping bear and contrast stitching with green and red dots on the inside. This adorable Playsuit is perfect for the holiday season and will be a memorable outfit for baby’s first Christmas.

Baby's First Christmas

Baby’s First Christmas Bib by Dressed to Drool: does your little one still need a little protection on all those adorable outfits. This great bib by Dressed to Drool will protect that cute outfit from those always present dribbles.

Baby Boy's First Christmas Bib

Elf Footed Coverall and Overall set by Le Top: this holiday season get into the spirit by dressing your little one in the perfect little elf overall set. This green velour overall and red and white striped footed coverall will make him look just like one of Santa’s little helpers.

Baby Boy's First Christmas Outfit

Footed Striped Coverall by Le Top: looking for some adorable pjs for the holidays? These footed red and white striped coveralls feature reindeer feet and a reindeer embroidery on the front right chest and on the back.

Baby's First Christmas Onesie

Elf Hat by Le Top: need to clever that adorable little noggin? Check out this too cute for words green velour elf hat. It is the perfect accessory for Santa’s little helper.

Baby Boy's Elf Hat by letop

Egg Geodes!

Since Easter us just around the corner we thought we would add one more awesome egg craft to your repertoire. Not only is this craft fun for Easter it is also a pretty cool science experiment. This egg craft will definitely be cool with those older boys, And also those boys that think they are too cool for kiddie stuff.

You can find this incredible craft and a how-to video on Martha Stewart’s website.  Thanks to TV crafter Jim “Figgy” Noonan for creating this awesome craft. As a result boys can have fun and learn a little science all at the same time this Easter.

Geodes are essentially rock or crystal structures that occur in sedimentary and certain volcanic rocks. They are spherical masses on mineral deposits that form within the rock formations. They appear as crystal like structures, or quartz deposits. Therefore they can be brightly colored depending on their mineral content such as calcite, dolomite, and amethyst.

This egg craft is done with eggs and glue. It is not actually rocks. But the way in which the egg geodes form is very similar to the formation of a true geode. So now you and your sons can learn how mineral deposits form to create a beautiful and mesmerizing geode.

Egg Geodes

Tools and Materials

  • Blown-out eggshell (Get the How-To)
  • Alum powder
  • White glue
  • Small paintbrush
  • Plastic or glass container
  • Egg dye
  • Hot water
  • Craft stick or spoon
  • Latex gloves
  • Drying rack or newspaper

Crystal Egg Geode How-To

1. Start by blowing out a large white chicken egg (Get the How-To) and splitting it in half, lengthwise. Strike the egg against a surface to crack it or cut it with a pair of scissors. Then make sure the inside of the eggshell is clean and dry.

2. With a small paintbrush, apply white glue to the inside and cracked edges of each half of the eggshell. Then sprinkle the egg halves with alum powder until completely coated. Then set eggshell halves aside to dry overnight.

3. The next day, prepare your growing solution in a glass or plastic container by using a craft stick or spoon to mix 2 cups of very hot water (almost boiling) with an entire packet of powdered egg dye. Be sure to wear latex gloves to protect your hands from the dye. (Tip: Liquid food coloring also works to dye the geode — 30 to 40 drops will adequately saturate the solution.)

4. Add 3/4 cup of alum powder to the hot dye bath and stir until completely dissolved. If there are remaining crystals in the bottom of the container, place the solution in the microwave for a few minutes to dissolve them. This will prevent alum from being drawn away from the geode.

5. Once the alum is completely dissolved, let the solution cool slightly (for about 30 minutes). And then submerge one of the dried, alum-coated eggshells in the growing solution. Then allow it to rest on the bottom of the container with the inside of the shell facing up.

6. Set the container aside in a safe place overnight to allow the crystals to grow undisturbed. (Tip: The longer the eggshell is in the solution, the larger the crystals in the geode will be. Therefore twelve to 15 hours will usually result in a perfect geode.)

7. The next day, remove the geode from the growing solution very carefully (as wet crystals are quite fragile), being sure to wear latex gloves to prevent the dye from staining your hands. (Tip: If you are not satisfied with the size of your geode crystals, return the geode to the growing solution and wait a day or two. As water evaporates from the solution, more alum will be deposited in your geode, increasing the size of the crystals.)

8. Place your geode on a drying rack or newspaper. Then allow it to dry completely before handling.

9. Finally, if you wish to grow a second geode in the other half of the eggshell, simply re-dissolve the crystals remaining at the bottom of the growing solution in the microwave and follow the instructions above starting at step 5.

Vinegar Free Egg Dye!

We all love to dye Easter Eggs with our kids. It is one of the happiest and most memorable moments of Easter celebrations with kids, next to the great egg hunt. But let’s face it eggs make a bad enough smell all on their own without the added stink of vinegar to achieve that beautiful color. So wouldn’t it be grand to find a couple of vinegar free dyes that would allow us, and our noses, to enjoy our egg dyeing in peace? Here are a few fantastic alternatives to vinegar for your Easter Egg Traditions this year.

Kool-Aid Packets:

Kool-Aid is a sweet alternative to vinegar. Literally, it is sweet. Instead of the harsh scent of vinegar filling your house you will smell an assortment of wonderful fruit punch flavors, and the vivid colors will blow your mind. You can also pick up Kool-Aid packs very cheaply as opposed to those dye kits, Kool-Aid packets run about 5 packets for a dollar. Now that is sweet savings. Another benefit of Kool-Aid, you do not need boiling water. No more burned fingers while dyeing eggs.

What you will Need:

  • Kool-Aid Packets
  • 2/3 cup of water (can be lukewarm or cool)
  • Cup or container for each color

What you will do:

Simply add one packet per 2/3 cups of water and pour into a container. Place hard-boiled egg in the container for 1-2 minutes or longer for a more vivid color. Then pull your egg out and allow it to dry. Now you have a vivid and beautiful egg!

Double-sided Tape and Glitter:

Do you prefer not to use a dye at all? Are you looking for something with a little more flash and sparkle? Try this fun method.

Vinegar Free Egg Dye ideas

What You Need:

  • Craft Punch
  • Glitter
  • Double-sided tape

What you will do:

Use a craft punch to create shapes from double-sided adhesive sheets. Remove backing from one side of the sticker and apply it to the egg; remove the remaining backing and roll in glitter. Repeat shapes to create the design you would like.