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Make Your Own Snow!

Winter is in full swing! We love snow in our house, but we haven’t had any yet this year. We have had some rain, which is great,  but you can’t build a snowman with it. So, mom to the rescue! We are going to make your own snow. This DIY project comes from Savvy Sassy Moms.

Savvy Sassy Moms has an incredible recipe/tutorial for creating your own homemade DIY snow. This snow is not actually snow, but it is white and sticks together well for building.

make your own snow

Little hands can even use shovels, and tools and get super crafty with their fake snow. Want to build a snow castle? How about a snow fort? The possibilities are endless. Savvy Sassy Moms has given my kids a way to stay warm while still enjoying building in the “snow.”

Head on over to Savvy Sassy Moms now and get the full tutorial. You can duplicate it to make more, or cut it in half to make less. We suggest getting a plastic tablecloth or even a large plastic storage bin to keep the snow in. That way you have easy cleanup after your little ones are all done playing. Enjoy the snow!

Elmer’s Glue Slime: No Borax Slime Recipe

There have been a lot of incidents regarding homemade slime. Many parents have cited that their homemade slime recipes containing borax have caused chemical burns. So we have decided it was time to share a new recipe that does not contain the borax. Many different recipes have been floating around, and we found that this one directly from Elmer’s Glue seems to be the safest alternative to the one containing borax.

Elmer's glue slime

What You Will Need:

  • 1/2 tbsp of baking soda
  • 1 tbsp of contact lens solution
  • 4 fl oz Elmer’s White school glue
  • Your choice of food coloring

What You Will Do:

  1.  Pour out the entire bottle of a 4oz of Elmer’s School Glue into a bowl.
  2.  Add ½ tbsp of baking soda and mix thoroughly.
  3.  After mixing, add your choice of food coloring until you get the color you want.
  4.  Add 1 tbsp of contact lens solution.
  5.  Mix until mixture gets harder to mix and slime begins to form.
  6.  Take the slime out and begin kneading with both of your hands.
  7.  If needed, add ¼ tbsp of contact lens solution to make the slime less sticky.

*Adult supervision is required; This project is not appropriate for children under the age of 3 years. Always wash your hands before and after making and playing with slime. Warning: If large quantities of contact lens solution are accidentally ingested (greater than a tablespoon), get medical attention immediately.

*Please watch children that play with this slime. It is not appropriate for children under three and should NOT BE INGESTED.

This Elmer’s glue slime recipe can be altered to include glitter or different colors. Check out Elmer’s Glue for more recipes!


Play Dough: Soft Homemade EASY Play Dough

It’s winter so the weather is cold, the days are short, and the kids are bored. We have had some radical weather this year. Snow, rain, and sleet in the desert! The colder and wetter weather is definitely not something we are all used to, but we need it so we try not to complain. However, it is much harder to accept when you have some rather bored and LOUD children screaming about said boredom. So The Boy’s Store is here to aid you in your moments of exhaustion and we bring you gifts of imagination, creativity, and play dough! Easy Play Dough

Play dough is a fabulous game when you are stuck indoors. It is creative and fun and can be changed in to any shape or game you want. Get the kids to compete. See who can make the best dog, cat, fish. Get them to guess what the other is creating. Build castles, cars, and dinosaurs. The possibilities are endless.

Play dough can get expensive though, especially when it dries out quickly. So make your own for a bargain. Head to the dollar store and pick up a few boxes of corn starch and some good smelling cheap hair conditioner. This combination may sounds bizarre, but it actually creates the softest and most malleable play dough ever. Pick up a little food dye and make it any color you want.

What You Will Need


Corn Starch

Food Dye

What You Will Do:

1. Combine one part hair conditioner (one cup) to two parts corn starch (two cups) add food dye for desired look.