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Science at Home: Geodes

If there is one thing in this life I am certain of it is that two things never change: kids love dinosaurs and kids love rocks. You can find just about any child under the age of 8 and ask them a question about a rock or a dinosaur and no matter what you will get at least one question answered. My kids love both rocks and dinosaurs, and I am certain they know more about both than I ever will. So i try to listen, I try to stay interested, and I try to find them fun activities that allows them to continue to grow in their hobbies.

Currently our household is on a rock kick. So i try to incorporate rock related activities and learning experiences as often as possible. we love to hike and have found many different types of rocks and geodes on our hikes, however, I found this incredibly easy experiment to create our own geodes and knew that my kids would love it.

This fun experiment was posted at Feels Like Home Blog and has a very detailed and easy-to-follow tutorial on how to create your own geodes at home. Geode crystals are such an incredibly cool part of geology and show how sediment is formed to create beautiful things. This would make an excellent experiment for a science fair, home school, or simply to enjoy learning something while having fun with your kids at home.

Be sure to head on over to Feels Like Home Blog to get the full tutorial so you can create your own amazing crystal geodes!

September Blog Feature: Frugal Fun for Boys!

The Frugal Fun for Boys Blog:

Frugal Fun for Boys is a great blog that will help you and your boys stay busy without spending a lot of money on games and activities. Which as parents we all know can be a difficult task! Frugal Fun for Boys was created by a mom of three, Sarah Dees. With boys ages 7, 3, and 1; she knew how hard it was to keep her boys active and still enjoy some fun activities with them without spending a lot of money. Then in January 2012 boy number four joined the mix. This busy momma with four boys definitely needed to continue to find new and creative ways to keep all four boys happy, active, and interested. Now a budget was definitely in order! Frugalfun4boys.com has become such an innovative and impressive blog. It has begun to garner attention from other boy blogs including The Boy’s Store. We know how important it is to find fun and frugal ways to keep those active boys happy. ¬†We are so impressed with Frugal Fun For Boys that we want all of you to check out the blog this month.

Homeschooling and activities

Frugal Fun for Boys features crafts, activities, and games for toddlers and older boys. Since Sarah Dees also home-schools her boys you can find homeschooling info and study guidelines featured on the blog as well. “I currently have a fourth grader, a first grader, and a preschooler, and we especially enjoy studying history and science.” With so many boys in one house you can bet that life must get a little crazy at times. We all know our kids can do some incredibly funny and interesting things without even trying to. So if you need a quick laugh, or need to see that your house isn’t the only place that crazy and out of this world things take place, tune in for some updates from Sarah about the craziness of life with four boys. Sarah is on a mission to inspire other moms with boys. She knows firsthand that boys with too much free-time can lead to trouble, that is why she strives to keep her boys busy with active, fun, and educational activities. So if you are looking for something fun to read and do with your boys check out Frugal Fun for Boys. It updates weekly (unless the boys stage a coup and Mom is trying to battle for power and free-time to blog!)

Frugal Fun for Boys on Social Media:

Frugal Fun for Boys also has Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages. So if you don’t have time to read a full blog enjoy some quick remarks on Twitter. Need some quick ideas for crafts and activities their Pinterest is a flood of fun. So check out Sarah’s blog FrugalFun4Boys.com and see what you can incorporate into your boys lives!