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School Paper and Art Organization

School is back in session and kids have already started bringing home school projects, art papers, and little books that we, as parents, just aren’t quite ready to let go. These papers and art projects are perfect little time capsules of our children’s lives. They catalog the moments that we want to treasure for years to come. But they can get difficult to keep nice and organized for as long as we want to treasure them. Well we have a few organizational ideas for you to utilize in order to keep those little papers safe for treasuring for years to come.

A couple of paper and art organization ideas from blogs we love.

I Heart Planners: This adorable and simple idea is perfect for keeping things safe from the elements. Simply use these ideas to keep your kids papers safe in a Tupperware tub by following some simple steps that will help you keep them organized according to school year.

Paper and art organization

How Does She: These ideas are great for keeping things in order and easily accessible. Binders and folders make it easy to find and keep things safe and accessible.

15-Tips-for-paper and art organization

With some of these fun and simple organizational tips you can easily, and inexpensively. Keep your kids school items organized and treasure them as the sweet little time capsules they are.

Best Valentine’s Day Crafts

Are you looking for some fun valentines crafts this month? Whether you are helping your boys makes gifts for their friends, teachers, or if you are making something for them you will love the set How Does She?

Valentines CraftsHow Does She, is a fun crafty idea site that helps crafty moms share their crafty ideas with one another. Valentine’s Day is a great day to show those you love how much you love them, and what better way to do that than with a handmade craft.

There are lots of different ideas including a gumball dispenser, heart necklaces, flowers, and more! Hurry on over to learn more about these adorable ideas. We especially love the gumboil dispenser. Our little ones love gumboils an this is the perfect little gift just for them. Enjoy!