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Streaming For Kids: Shows for Toddlers without Television

Many of us have chosen to purchase streaming services for television and movies in recent years in order to avoid commercials, high cable and satellite bills, and to have better control over our children’s screen time.

In our house we have Netflix. Netflix has been great for us because it allows to have some level of control over what our kids watch. There are profiles for each family member, including a kids one section that allows our kids to pick fun and educational episodes of their favorite shows. Our kids have a few favorites that get played over and over.

Doki: This fun animated show features an anthropomorphized dog and his friends. The team travels the world discovering and investigating different science, math, and historical themes. They break down the things they investigate teaching the kids all about how it works, what it is, and why it does this. Its a fun show that has little ones everywhere investigating and singing along.

Super Why: This entertaining and educational show that follows storybook characters as they interact in famous literature tales where they find the story has been changed or doesn’t make sense. They use their super powers to fix the story through spelling, grammar, and storytelling.

Daniel Tiger: Created from the very famous Mr Roger’s Neighborhood tales, this show follows young Daniel Tiger as he grows up. He experiences moments all toddlers go through and helps them to understand how to grow, and handle these situations.

Other streaming services like Amazon, Hulu, and Roku are also available and allow you to control some more of your kids screen time. And maybe even save a little money.