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Pumpkin Carving Ideas

We have decided to take the plunge this year and carve pumpkins. We usually paint since our kids have been young. but this year they have requested that we carve. I have been scouring the internet for easy and simple pumpkin carving stencils. I came across several easy ones that the kids can work on with help. We are thinking Wonder Woman and Mickey Mouse. It will probably be more than I am prepared for. But we are going to tackle it anyway.

I found hundreds of Disney stencils in my search for the perfect Mickey Mouse. So if you and your kiddos are looking for pretty much anything Disney this is the place to look.

Pumpkin carving ideas

Wonder Woman was harder to find. Everyone had silhouettes, and there is just no way my 5-year old can handle that. I finally found this idea of doing her symbol. It is still a little complicated, but with help from Mom and Dad, I am sure we can make it happen easier than a silhouette. If you have a superhero fan at your house check out this site full of Justice League Logos.

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Glow Crafts: Halloween Decorations

Halloween is fun, spooky, and dark. So why not lighten it up with some great new crafts this month. These light crafts will shine a little light on your holiday festivities, and your kids will love them because they are safe, easy to make, and fun to keep indoors as well as outside!

Today we want to share two incredible incandescent crafts that will make your house spooktacular. Both have children safe lights, that means your kids can help make the crafts and can keep them nearby.

Ghouly ghost balloons: These are incredibly fun and cool. They will stay lit up for 12-24 hours and will make your room, or house, look really spooktacular.

What You Will Need:

Balloons white or green work best
Glow sticks

What You Will Do:

Simply activate your light stick and slide it into the deflated balloon. Slide it in carefully until it is completely in the balloon. Next blow up the balloon (you can use helium or your own air. Tie the balloon shut and you can tape it or tie it up in your house!


Plastic cup lanterns: Fun little lanterns that can be decorated any way you want, and make great indoor lanterns for extra Halloween charm.

What You Will Need:

Plastic cups (green, orange, white)
Battery operated tea lights
Black sharpie marker

What You Will Do:

Turn your cups upside down. Use your sharpie marker to draw creative faces on them. Try a Frankenstein on a green cup, a ghost on the white, and a jack-o-lantern on the orange. Be creative and have fun. Your kids can create as many as they want. Then place the battery operated tea light underneath it and turn it on. Let the lanterns glow!


Enjoy your spooktacular decorations and let your house glow with the spirit of Halloween all month long!