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Fall Clothes Are Coming!

It may seem as if Fall weather is never coming our way, but maybe if we stock up on fun Fall clothing the weather will change. If you buy it, it will change. I mean it is worth a try. I love Fall clothing. The flannels, the jackets, the sweaters, and the boots. It screams comfort and simplicity to me. My kids love Fall just as much as I do and we spend a lot of time outdoors even in the cooler weather. I try to make sure they have plenty of warm comfortable clothes they can play in. Thank goodness for the Eland & American Vintage line. Their clothes are simple, warm, and casual. They are perfect for a Fall afternoon outdoors.

Boys Henley Waffle Weave Shirt by E-Land: This henley is made of waffle weave cotton. It is so comfortable it almost makes me wish I could wear my sons clothes. It is perfect for cooler weather and long days in the yard or walks to the playground.

Boys’ Motorcycle Shirt by American Vintage: My little guy loves motorcycles. He thinks that they are the coolest thing in the world and wants one already. That is a big no on the mom-dar for me, but at least he can have a fun shirt that shows off his love of two-wheels.

Boys’ Chino Pants by American Vintage: Camouflage pants are all the rage in our house. Grandpa loves them, and that means little man loves them. So we try to make sure to always have at least one pair on hand.

Boy’s Canvas Barn Jacket by Eland Kids: Daddy, Grandpa, and Papa all have their own Barn jackets, so of course little man needs one too. He just loves running around the yard with all his favorite men in his matching Barn Jacket.

Appaman Jackets and Coats: The Boy’s Store Styles

Fall weather is jacket weather. We can finally break out those adorable and comfortable jackets and coats that have been collecting dust all summer. Or we can head on over to The Boy’s Store and take a peek at some of the most glorious jackets and coats available this year from Appaman. Appaman prides themselves on creating looks that impress, both boys and their parents. This seasons looks fulfill that promise, from peacoats to windbreakers your boys will be dressed for the weather with the greatest style Appaman can possess. Appaman Boys Grayson Jacket: this dark gray boys denim jacket features a double button front with front pockets and small epaulets. It screams style, it screams unique. Each of the buttons feature an embossed image of the Appaman monkey giving the jacket a unique style all its own.   Appaman jackets and coats   Appaman Boys Pilot Jacket: this blue and black jacket, blue chest and back and black sleeves, is trendy and fun. It is reminiscent of a pilots aviator jacket but features a style all its own with its dual color and material.   Appaman Boys Plaid Windbreaker: this blue plaid windbreaker is perfect for those early and light fall days. When the weather isn’t quite cold, but not quite warm it is the perfect solution. Boys will love the blue plaid style and the embossed Appaman buttons.   Appaman Boys Peacoat: this stylish coat is perfect for fall and winter. It is a classic look with some trendy flair. The Appaman logo makes its appearance on the left arm in a military style lapel. This double breasted wool blend coat will be the perfect addition to your boys closet this season.

Brand Feature: Up and Away Jackets

September is here and that means cooler weather is just around the corner. So you are going to need some good looking jackets for those good looking boys. Now you must be thinking sure more money to spend, we just did back to school why not throw more reasons to spend at us. We know the feeling, but right now you can find some of our best jackets on sale for 30% off. That is right, right now our best jackets from Up and Away jackets are on sale and ready to fly out the door.

Up and Away is an incredible brand that understands the minds of young boys. Jackets are boring, they are not necessary anyway boys are tough they don’t need no stinkin’
jacket! That is why they address the issue of toughness, coolness, and just plain awesome. While us Moms are looking to ensure the jacket is warm, durable, and cost efficient Up and Away is busy working at break-neck speeds to ensure both Mom and Son are happy. So now when you and your Son check out the Up and Away jackets everyone will walk away a winner.

Flight Jacket with Patches by Up and Away: this green military flight jacket is out of this world it will blow the other jackets away. It features appropriately sized military and aerospace patches that will make your sons friends think he is a true high flyer. It is made of washable nylon for easy cleaning and is now available for only $43.40.

Up and Away Flight Jacket for boys

Letterman Jacket with Sports Patches by Up and Away: boys love sports so why not make them feel like true ballers with this incredible letter jacket. It features hockey, football, baseball, and basketball patches and will surely be their new favorite jacket. For only $57.40 it is the sportiest look they will ever see.
up and away leatterman jacket for boys

Racing Jacket Windbreaker by Up and Away: this racing windbreaker will make them look and feel like a true winner. All they will be missing is the ice cold milk in the winners circle because with this jacket they will feel like true NASCAR drivers. And for only $39.00 they will speed away as winners.