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New in Sleepwear! See it today!

We love to stock items that bring joy to our customers. That is why we bring in new items and restock items that everyone loves. These pajama sets by Sara’s Prints are always a great item to keep in stock. These short sets are perfect for warmer weather. So be sure to stock up on our new in sleepwear item in anticipation of the coming seasons!

Boy’s Smiley Crabs Short Pajama Set by Sara’s Prints: These fun little crabs are perfect for summer months. They just might crawl away with your hearts! Available in sizes 2-8.

New in sleepwear

Boy’s Bugs Bugs Bugs Short Pajama Set by Sara’s Prints:  This pajama set is definitely boy approved! Bugs, bugs, bugs! This print features more bugs than you can imagine. This set is just right for that little entomologist in your life! Available in sizes 2-8.


Chnew in sleepwear - bugs pjs

So check out our website for a selection of new in sleepwear choices


Boy’s pajamas are huge this time of year. Between the current sport seasons, the holidays, and the new styles available everyone seems to be on the hunt for the coolest jimmies ever. Well The Boy’s Store has got you covered. From sports themes, to space themes, to holiday themes New Jammies has the best styles for sending your little men off to slumberland in style.

A few of our pajama choices:

Boys Snuggly Pajamas by New Jammies: These super fun and super sporty football jammies are perfect for the fall football season. They feature an amazing pattern that looks just like a football field complete with footballs ready for the punt!

football themed boy's pajamas

Boys Snuggly Pajamas by New Jammies: Jammies are great for bed and space travel? Well these ones are. They are literally out of this world fun. Rocket to the moon, fly to mars, and journey through the galaxy in these colorful jammies.

Boys Snuggly Pajamas by New JammiesSpace themed boys pajamas: Winter is coming. So enjoy it with these sweet winter themed boy’s pajamas. Featuring a blue and white moose pattern it is perfect for the holidays and winter.

nj3006Boy’s Glow in the Dark Eyes Pajama set by Sara’s Print: These spooky dark jammies are just ghoulish enough to enjoy this Halloween! spooky eyed boys pajamas

Boys Hanukkah Pajama Set by Sara’s Prints: Don’t forget that the holidays are coming! These dreidel themed boys pajamas will make those 8 long nights a little more comfortable!

Hanukkah boys pajamas

Great Summer Pajamas: Sara’s Prints

The Boy’s Store loves bringing you new looks and this spring and summer we have some fabulous new looks for bedtime. Just because you are going to sleep in them does not mean they shouldn’t be fun and stylish. Sara’s prints are fun boy-centric pajamas that your boys will love. After all what boy doesn’t love to imagine he is a fireman, or can run with the ever-ferocious dinosaurs? With the help of Sara’s Prints your boys can drift of to dreamland with visions of themselves as courageous heroes and dinosaur tamers.

Sara’s Prints Boys Dinosaur Pajama Set: this fun green and white short sleeve and shorts pajamas set will be perfect for warmer weather. If you have a wild and ferocious boy that fancies himself a dinosaur, or dinosaur enthusiast he will love these comfortable pajamas. They will help him off to dreamland every night with the greatest of ease.



dino 1


Sara’s Prints Boys Fireman Pajama Set: these red and white shirt sleeve and shorts pajamas set is another great look for a boy in search of an adventure. Sleep shouldn’t be boring, it is the most. Exciting and adventurous time of the day. That’s when dreams become reality. Does your little man dream of being a courageous fireman? Then he will love these pajamas. Every night he will fit with the best of the best to save the world.

pj 2