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Letters to Santa

It’s that time of year! My kids have already requested to write their letters to Santa. We like to participate in the Macy’s Santa Letter Program every year because it helps with donations to Make A Wish. National Believe Day at Macy’s is December 8th. So we have some time to prepare, but we LOVE to write beautiful letters. So I have already started to research amazing templates for my kids. Since my kids are still really young it is best to give them templates that have prompts within them. But my oldest daughter loves to write her letter alone. So when I search for templates I try to find lots of different choices for them.

Templates for small kids usually have prompts attached to them. I enjoy these because it allows my toddlers and young school-age kids to participate even if they do not have the skills to write or draft a letter alone.

Some great options are below:

Thank you to TotSchooling, and DolledupDesign.

Letters to Santa #1

Letters to Santa #2I also like to do a more decorative one that my older kids can draft themselves. Thank you to KateSmith Designs, and Esonrisa of the great templates.

Letters to Santa #3 Letters to Santa #4