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Season Craft: Preschool Crafts and Learning

With all of the bigger kids in school full-time now it can be a little boring for our preschool age and younger kids that are stuck at home all day. They miss their older siblings and they feel a little left out when their older siblings bring home homework and fun crafts and activities they have completed at school.

It is sweet to see how excited they get when they see all of the older kids learning and creating, so of course we want to encourage them to learn and create as well. This month we have found you a great learning activity that is also a lot of fun and can be very creative. This tactile activity is a great sensory learning experience for our younger kids while also teaching them about the world around them.

This multi-faceted educational activity was created by Beth at 123 Homeschool 4Me. Beth is the author and creator of a valuable homeschooling website that helps parents and teachers create and share homeschool curriculum that will help our children learn and grow. If you have young children at home, teach homeschool, or are looking to supplement your children education at home you should definitely check out 123 Homeschool 4Me.

Preschool crats and learning

What You Will Need:

  • Blue construction paper
  • Brown Construction paper
  • paint (red, yellow, orange, green, and white)
  • student

Beth and 123 Homeschool 4Me has hundreds of other ideas for teaching your kids at home. head on over to 123 Homeschool 4Me to see the rest of this incredible tutorial and be sure to check out all of the other incredible posts and ideas she has posted and shared as well.

Painting with Kids: Melissa and Doug

Melissa and Doug is one of our favorite brands here at The Boy’s Store. We proudly stock several of their games, puzzles, and toys and we love to share incredible ideas from their blog whenever we have the chance. Melissa and Doug strive to educated, entertain, and sustain children and their minds and bodies. Here at The Boy’s Store we also seek to prepare our children for a better future through their minds and bodies. We know that style, imagination, creativity, and education are vital to the process of crating great minds. That is why we try every month to bring you fun, creative, and educational activities that you can complete with your children. Sometimes they are scripted, planned, and coming with perfect tutorials that we either create or share from the great minds of other bloggers. This month we want to share an idea from Melissa and Doug about painting.

Painting is one of the ultimate creative enterprises. Painting can be planned, but it can also be free, creative, imagined, and everyone can participate. Melissa and Doug shared an excellent blog about painting that you can read here. We want you to check out this incredible blog and plan some time with your kids that will help to cultivate their own creativity. Try something new. Paint with an easel and some paper. Paint a wall. Paint a sidewalk. Paint on some fabric. No matter where you paint let your child experiment and learn from the experience. There are so many different options when it comes to paint.

Painting with Kids

Things to try:

  • Spray paint
  • chalk paint
  • finger paint
  • watercolors
  • oil paints


  • paint brushes
  • feathers
  • sponges
  • stamps
  • food (cut apples, celery, potatoes, etc.)
  • leaves
  • rocks


  • paper
  • fabric
  • cement
  • wall board
  • wood
  • plastic

Math Games: Fun Learning for K-2 and Middle School

School is back, thank goodness right? Back-to-school nights have been attended, supplies have been bought, first day pictures have been taken, and teachers are assigning homework. Our work is done, right? Yea we wish. Parent involvement doesn’t stop when school starts, as much as we wish all we had to do was drop the kids off every morning and pick them up every afternoon we know that our kids learn and work better in a school environment in which we are involved in the learning process. That is why we spend so much time looking at books, checking on websites, and talking with our fellow mom friends. We know how important it is to you to be able to help your children learn and grow. So we took some time to look at a few special ways to help your kids with math. Since math is often a difficult subject we found two incredible websites that offer fun learning games that help to teach math to two important age groups; K-2 and middle schoolers.

K-2: First Grade Smiles

This incredible teaching blog is written by Melissa a teacher, and mom. Her incredible blog ideas are perfect for K-2. Not only does she share incredible games and fun learning ideas for young learners she tries to make them adaptable for children that learn better kinetically. We want to share the incredible way she teaches math to kinetic learners with skip counting. This hands on learning game is perfect for young learners struggling with math. Check out all the other incredible learning games offered on Melissa’s blog when you. Are there learning how to play the incredibly fun and educational game of skip counting.

Math Games

Middle School: Middle School Math Moments

Middle School Math Moments is an incredibly helpful blog written by a mom and teacher of 22 years. Geared towards middle school kids it features activities and games that help middle school kids learn. This fun factor game features a way to teach kids how to practice their factoring skills in fun and interesting ways. Be sure to check out some of the other incredible learning activities and games when you are learning the rules for the factoring game.

Math Games