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Best Books: Harry Potter Set

We are a few days late, but we wanted to wish Harry Potter a very happy birthday. What better way to wish him a better birthday than to talk up those amazing books that follow him on his incredible adventure with his two best friends Ron and Hermione?

I discovered the Harry Potter books when I was a teenager. When I was a senior in high school, I thought, these books were for kids. I was so wrong. A friend of my mother’s bought me the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for Christmas. She knew I loved to read and had heard the books were really popular. I smiled graciously and accepted the sweet gift. Little did I know that she had just purchased me a book that would truly make me feel every emotion, and take me on an adventure that lasted nearly 20 years for me.

Now as a mom of a new reader I take great joy in sharing my Harry Potter collection. However, I want my kids to have something of their own. I have begun purchasing the illustrated editions for my younger kiddos, but older kiddos will love this boxed set as well. Both sets are beautiful and will take you on an amazing adventure from beginning to end. We promise!

harry potter set Harry Potter set #1

Fostering a Love For Reading: Imagination Part One

With all of our modern devices it can be difficult to get your children interested in reading. Many young kids think that reading only involves a text message, the prompt on video games, and perhaps a comic book. So it can be difficult to get them interested in reading a real book, especially when so many books are bring made into movies. Why read Harry Potter when you can just go see the movie in 3D? But reading is an important part of existing in the real world. You need to read to understand anything in school, and by making reading fun your kids are more interested and willing to learn.

Reading is truly a fun and enjoyable experience when approached with a fun attitude. Children are always looking to be entertained. Whether they are playing a game or watching a movie or show they are looking for some excitement, so why not find them something that will keep them entertained. Books for kids can be the most exciting things for a family to read together. Adventure books can keep a kid entertained for hours. Kids will love reading about events that happen in far away places, they will love following along with the great adventures of a character like the Pevensies in The Chronicles of Narnia. Let them experience the imaginary world of Narnia through the eyes of the kings and queens. Read the story together as a family, you can see the ways in which the four siblings learn about courage, family, and responsibilities. You will love the lessons the book teaches them, and they will love the sword fights, the talking lion, and the fact that four young children are rulers of their own country. Continue reading