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Summer Meals to Beat the Heat!

Here on the west coast we are in the middle of a heat wave. Triple Digit temperatures are keeping us all inside enjoying our AC, and dreading the moment we have to heat the house by cooking a hot meal.

I scoured my meal ideas for something simple that wouldn’t require me to turn the oven on, or brave the triple digit heat outside to BBQ. I finally found this fun recipe from Lemon Tree Dwelling. BLT Chicken Salad Sandwiches to the rescue! 

We almost always have leftover Bacon on hand since my husband loves to have it for breakfast on the weekend. So in order to prepare this meal I made sure I had already cooked bacon, and a rotisserie chicken on hand so that I didn’t have to heat the oven. You can get rotisserie chicken at your local grocery store, and they are usually inexpensive. I love that they sometimes have deals to buy two for one, or buy one get one half off. Then I stock up and use them for multiple meals in the summer.


Lemon Tree Dwelling has the full recipe available now. Just head on over, be sure to check out the other awesome recipes available. I found several to help keep me from turning on my oven for the rest of the week!

School Lunches: Turkey Ranch Roll Ups

School lunches are back!! Well at least they are at my house. If your kids aren’t back in school yet you may live vicariously through me as I find new and fun ways to make my kid eat lunch at school. My kids love school. They love being with their friends, learning new things and runing around. Mostly they love that they are on their own, without mama. So having a lunch packed  by me, isn’t as exciting as eating something someone else’s mama packed. I try very hard to make the lunches a little more exciting in order to get my kids to at least attempt to eat their food. So far it has worked. That is why I keep looking for the next great school lunch.

Finding lunch ideas:

This month I pinned several different ideas for my kids. This was one of my favorites. My family loves all things ranch flavored. So I know Turkey Ranch Roll ups will be a hit. This fabulous little lunch idea comes from Kimber at The Pinning Mama. Kimber has some fantastic ideas for keeping the boring school lunch lots of fun. This fun recipe will make your kids excited to eat lunch.




School lunches may not be a kids favorite part of the day though I am very excited to get back to it!

Lunch Hacks for the Busy Mom

A few lunch hacks

With the holidays over most of the kids have gone back to school. This means it’s back to the daily grind of making school lunches. Making lunches can be fun but it can also be time consuming and tricky. Fruit looks gross after being cut, ice packs melt and leave sandwiches soggy, what’s a mom to do? an be fun but it can also be time consuming and tricky. Fruit looks gross after being cut, ice packs melt and leave sandwiches soggy, what’s a mom to do? This week we have a few hacks that will make it a little less time consuming and a little less tricky.

Trick # 1:

Sponge Lunch Hack

Trick # 2:

Apple Lunch Hack

Trick # 3:


Do you have any other fantastic lunch box hacks? We would love to hear from you. Any fun lunch ideas to keep your kids happy and their food fresh? We would love to know.

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