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American Made: The Boy’s Store




We like to think that we are environmentally conscious here at The Boy’s Store. We stock clothes that are organically made, and locally made. In fact we offer a lot of American made quality items. Not only can you be assured that these items are made and distributed locally, they are also made here in America with American jobs. No outsourcing, just pure American made clothes. We know that in order to affect globally we have to act locally. By purchasing American made items you are not only helping to create and support American jobs you also cut down on the carbon footprint because the items are grown, cultivated, manufactured, and distributed locally. No more transatlantic shipping.

Many of our favorite brands understand this plight too. That is why a majority of our favorites are made here in America. Brands like Flap Happy, Dogwood, Hank Player, City Threads, Wee Winter Woolies, Good Boy Friday, Tuff Kookooshka, and Kiwi Industries. These brands make sure that the product you get has been designed, and manufactured in the USA. This means that your favorite looks have been made here at home.

Now that so many great brands are made here in America you can have your pick of great style. You can mix and match looks from different brands, and different collections. Your kids don’t have to be stifled in the style department when you buy only American Made brands. So be sure to check out our incredible selection of American Made items, the variety may make your ability to make a decision on what to buy be the truly hard part!

Mulberribush Clothing and a Green Initiative

Mulberribush clothing's green initiative

Mulberribush clothing has announced three new green initiatives.  They will be going green with their Spring 2009 collection.  In an effort to improve their clothing quality.  And to bring back more children’s clothing manufacturing to the United States.

The initiatives (in brief):

Mulberribush Clothing will be making the majority of its items out of  a hundred percent certified organic cotton.  Making this change will increase the cost of manufacturing. But Mulberribush wants to keep its clothing still affordable. Therefore the pricing will stay close to what it has been in the past.

Mulberribush’s second Initiative is to begin printing all styles in their factory in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. This will open up a few jobs for local workers and it will be easier to keep an eye on the quality of their clothing.

Initiative number three involves improving workforce and workplace environmental consciousness.  Mulberribush is going to improve their recycling efforts.  They feel that as a children’s clothing company; they have a responsibility towards the children they dress. Mulberribush feels they have an obligation to keep the world clean. They would like to give our planet to our children in better condition then it is now.