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Best Books: Furthermore

Middle school is a time where kids really do a lot of reading. Free-reading becomes very important during this time as well. But it can be difficult to cultivate a love for reading in middle schooler’s who tend to be a little more jaded than their younger counterparts. That’s why fantasy series can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. While the middle schooler’s want to be taken to far-away places, the places and situations also have to seem similar to their own lives. This new series from the best-selling author of the Shatter Me books, bring middle school kids both.

The story of Furthermore

In Furthermore, readers are introduced to Alice Alexis Queensmeadow. She is  a 12 year old girl just like any other. Alexis fights with her Mom, idolizes her Dad, and wishes she was more powerful and smarter than she is. She wants adventure, and when her father disappears she

goes off in search of him. She embarks upon the greatest adventure she has ever known. Her home of Ferenwood is filled with magic, color, and all sorts of mythical creatures. She is finally about to get to use it all in ways she never did before. Along the way she will discover who she really is, and what she is really capable of.  614dj-RRpOL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_

This story is filled with magic and wonder, but it really stays close to home when it comes to what every middle school kid is experiencing. Your middle schooler will identify with the main themes, and enjoy the out of this world adventure.

St Patricks Day Leprechaun Trap!

In our household we love make-believe. Imagination is the greatest toy. We get a little in to holidays, especially ones that have extra meaning in our family. Since we are Irish we get very in to St. Patrick’s Day. And so does our imagination. When I was a little girl my mother introduced me to leprechauns. These sweet little magical creatures guard the world’s treasure from trolls, thieves, and other mythical and not-so-mythical creatures (like old brothers, mine was always taking my money). So this year I was excited to share my knowledge of leprechauns with my kids. Leprechaun’s can only be seen in our world during the month of St. Patrick’s Day when their magic begins to fade. During this time a leprechaun trap can be fashioned, and a leprechaun can be enticed inside of it with the hope of gaining more gold to add to their treasure. If you capture a leprechaun you get to keep his treasure. But, if he can make your gold without being caught he will disappear. In place of your treasure he will leave you a treat. Candy usually.

Now that my kids are starting to pay attention to fun things like St Patrick’s Day I was excited to share my mother’s trap tradition. And now you can share it with your kids.

What You Will Need:

Cardboard box

green paper






What You Will Do:

Decorate your box. Your imagination will lead you right. Just make sure you have a small door or  prop your box up with a stick to fashion a trap.

Then leave your trap out with a trail of gold to entice your leprechaun.

When your kids aren’t looking take away the gold and replace with candy. Let them find the empty or sprung trap and candy.

Looks like that tricky leprechaun was too quick for us! leprechaun trap


Magic Show Las Vegas!

In February we made our annual trip to Las Vegas to check out the incredible brands at Magic! We met new Brands, Designers, and saw lots of great new styles. If you are a follower on our Instagram account you might have seen some of our photos. If you aren’t a follower, you should be! We love to post little tidbits of our daily activity, including sharing pictures of our new items. While at Magic we shared some fun snapshots of the world of Magic!

Magic Show Las Vegas - Badge

We saw some amazing new looks from some of our favorite brands at Magic. We saw great new looks from Appaman, Mulberribush, and Wes and Willy. And we are very excited to bring some of the new looks later this season. We also got to meet a new brand Rowen Christian Couture! This fun brand was created to show the world that our boys matter too, and they deserve fun clothes as much as our girls do. Created after twin brothers Rowen and Christian, the brand features fun and tough looks for spectacular boys. We got to meet them and they are definitely two of the cutest brand reps we have seen!

Magic Show Las Vegas - Rowan & Christian

This season we are also excited to bring Troy James Boys Accessory Collection to The Boy’s Store! This fun brand features incredible accessories for boys 0-6 years, and we are very excited to bring you some of their fun items this year. So look forward to some great scarves, bow ties, belts, and suspenders soon!

Magic Show Las Vegas - Troy James

We had a great time at Magic and cannot wait to bring you some great new items at The Boy’s Store!