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Would You Like Some Manners? Yes Please!


We all want our children to be polite, kind, compassionate, and well-mannered little ladies and gentlemen. Unfortunately proper manners are going the way of the Do-Do Bird these days. Children are brought up with a lack of manners, and expect things to just be given to them, no matter how they behave. Many parents have neglected the fact that true manners and courtesy is something that is taught and practiced, it is not something a child can just develop on their own. In order for manners to make a come-back parents need to learn new ways to introduce manners to their children. And as the saying goes, monkey see, monkey do. So perhaps the best way to change our children’s manners is to go straight to the source, home.

Be Polite and Kind by Cheri Meiners is an excellent learning tool for parents and children. It is a short illustrated book that keeps young readers entertained and ready to learn. It provides excellent examples of situations in which children will need to use manners. It also is easy to understand and gives ways that parents can role-play with their children to show alternative ways to respond when something goes wrong in a conversation, and how to remain polite yet not become a target for possible bullying behavior.

Meiners has written several different books on the art of manners and how to use them. She understands how parents can feel overwhelmed being the ones responsible for teaching manners and other such important life lessons. She uses simple language and illustrations to help parents and children interact and create a solid foundation for discussion of problems and resolutions, even starting as young as preschool age. This is key to finding ways to not only teach manners but also other important life lessons that will come up in the future years. Parents will appreciate the help from this book, and can use it as a stepping stone to creating and nurturing an excellent relationship with their children, and now you can get it from a store you trust, The Boy’s Store has Meiners’ book available now for only $7.70. Too great of a bargain to pass up!